Ouya Atrox Stick: A Game System Inside A Stick


When I arrived back home from CEO in June I found awaiting for me a few packages. In that group of packages was the retail version of Razer’s new arcade stick the Atrox and the newly released Ouya gaming system. I spent a couple days playing around with both. I looked over the Atrox to see if Razer actually listened to the beta testers and indeed they listened and fixed the issues we all had. For those not familiar with the Ouya, it is a custom android gaming console. They had a kickstarter for it that I had backed and forgot all about it until mine came in the mail. I browsed through its game library and what all it had to offer. It wasn’t until I nearly finished this mod that I figured out how to load .apk files to it and root the device.

Anyways, I got curious for some reason and decided to open up the Ouya to take a look at the insides. At that point I was surprised how low profile the system was compared to its shell. At the time I didn’t know how exactly I wanted to mod my Atrox stick and as usual I wanted to do something out of the ordinary. One look at all that empty space inside the Atrox and the small Ouya board and the idea was decided right there and then to combine the two together.

If you’ll remember, about a year ago, I made an Evo Netbook stick. It was a 2012 Evo Pro stick that I put a netbook inside of it because it had a broken screen. For some reason it won a 2012 Teck Talk award. I didn’t think much of the mod because I felt it wasn’t very practical because there was still some things lacking in it (like a battery) and much could of been improved on it. I took this opportunity with the Atrox to make a better version of a system inside a stick.

One of the first things I planned out was what jacks did I want to use and how many. On the Ouya there is a hdmi, power, ethernet, and two usb ports. I decided to only have jacks on the case for the hdmi, power, and one usb port. I left out the ethernet because I planned on relying on connecting to networks wirelessly. I used Neutrik jacks for all the ports. The only jack not going to the Ouya is the RJ45 because its going to the PS360+. I choose using the PS360+ because I found out that the Atrox’s 360 pcb would not work on the Ouya and that the button mapping with ps3 controller boards wasn’t the same. With the ps360+ I could use this stick for many different systems, have correct button mapping in 360 mode, and all the while taking up the least amount of room.

HDMI: Neutrik NAHDMI-W-B HDMI 1.3 Feedthrough Adaptor
USB: Neutrik NAUSB-W-B Reversible USB Genderchanger
RJ45: Neutrik NE8FDP-B Ethercon RJ45 Feedthru
Power: Neutrik RT3MP-B REAN TINY 3-Pole Male Nickel/Gold Chassis XLR Connector with Rean RT3FC-B-W Tiny 3-Pole Female Black/Gold XLR w/Water Resistant Boot

I took advantage of the Atrox’s ability to open up easily and storage capacity. Although one of the containers had to be removed, I was able to store the Ouya’s ac adapter, controller, usb hub, and rj45-usb cable all inside the case. Making it very convenient for transportation. Added with the Link from Phreakmods, a detachable joystick shaft, it was easy to store as well.

Some other small changes from the stock Atrox was changing out the buttons/ball top with sanwa clear smoke, but only 6 buttons because we all know 8 buttons is dick. There was also the loss of function in the LS/DP/RS switch, but the PS360+ has that ability via its config mod, and loss of the turbo (no big deal). I reused the top left turbo button for the Ouya’s power button and it lights up when the system is on. If I add in a led mod in the future I’ll reuse the stick switch to turn the lights on and off. The very last change I did to the Atrox was replacing its artwork with custom artwork made by d3v.

And with that I give you my shitty quick youtube video.


Btw, does anyone know when Madcatz’s M.O.J.O is coming out…

Pretty awesome man. Prrrretty awesome.

I had an idea like this but that’s as far I I got. :stuck_out_tongue:

now put a screen on it and we have reached singularity.

There was not a single instance of dremeling mentioned in this thread

Are you sure you’re Gummo?


I’m always intrigued by hacking and what people do with leftover hardware.

That said,
I honestly don’t think any game system outside of the Big Three is going to make it.
Even now, it looks like the Wii U may be on life-support. This may be it for Nintendo… They took their chances on the casual crowd and lost in a big way. 90+million casual players that buy maybe one game a year and share party games amongst themselves is not a strategy for long-term success… It’s a set-up for a failure. I called it!

There may be casual interest in this but that’s it.
From what I’ve seen, none of the systems that are Android-based sound like they would challenge any of the big retail consoles.
This is the Nuon-whatever-alternate systems they tried to launch in the past all over again.
IF they don’t have big backing and serious commitment, all these systems will be dead within a year, 18 months tops.
Funny thing is that I COULD see them surviving beyond market failure as cult-systems… They’re still making games for just about everything from the Atari 2600 onwards. Not a lot of activity there but there’s still interest. This being newer tech I could see attracting more people but more as a shareware/freeware type thing.
I don’t see them ever being a serious threat to traditional home consoles, though.

Saw this at the other thread but, I have to say it, this is fantastic.

I don’t know about the Ouya specifically, but I would think that the next big thing in console gaming will likely sneak up on us. If anything builds too much hype in the early going the big guys would move to crush it, but an unassuming item might be able to build up a community of users on the down-low until all of a sudden it’s a contender.

On Topic: Great stick. I’d love to copy the idea and make a stick/console of my own, but I’m pretty sure I pound on my sticks too hard and would destroy any complex electronics inside.

I think these new Android consoles have significant potential to become the IBM PC of game systems. The game libraries would be something like XBLA, but without console lockin.

If Google releases an Android console and gets backing from EA/Sega/Capcom/Konami, MS and Sony had better watch out. This could be as competitive to the console gaming industry as smartphones have been to the portable gaming industry.

You’re missing the point. These aren’t trying to compete with the 3 retail consoles. These are the “PC-console” type devices. Offering Pc gaming and programs you’d only find on a comp, notably emulators, on a console system.

Also that sorta “in-between” regarding the casual market. As in casual gamers that are very out of the loop on the recent stuff, but actually have enough TASTE in gaming to warrant more than crap like phone games or a Wii.

Ex: I’m very out of the loop on gaming and just don’t give a crap about the latest stuff, partly because i can’t afford it. But i’d still like to indulge in some gaming in my downtime. I could see doing emulation gaming on the device like Sega Saturn, and occasionally checking something out more recent like Skyrim(never played it, out of the loop).

Not planning on getting an Ouya though. Need to know more.

Bottom line is this promotes people to make games and make them without a ton of resources. That will drive up competition and hopefully force Monopolistic companies to stop making bull shit games that because people wont need to pay for them since they can play good games from good people =)

This is not the case. Otherwise nintendo consoles would have flourished these past few years, and NOT missed out on the lion’s share of memorable 3rd party titles. Game developers will ALWAYS flock to the better systems, with the most power & resources to realize their vision of the game they want to make. They do NOT want to have to downgrade their stuff to make it fit on an inferior console when there are MUCH better systems out(note- Does not apply to PS2. While it was weaker than Gamecube & XBox, the power difference was nowhere near as dramatic as something like, the first Wii Vs XBox 360).

Thats why the first Wii never got great stuff like Skyrim or Batman, even if the console had nice marketshare. As developers would have had to basically re-build their current gen game and port it to what was essentially a friggin’ last gen system(Wii was like a slightly upgraded gamecube).

So such a viewpoint is woefully unrealistic. And no way can these new, underpowered Pc-console boxes like OUYA, compete with the big 3.

Pretty cool, but won’t it get warm pretty easily, since that’s all most “powerful” electronics tend to do these days?

I haven’t noticed any issues regarding temperature. Even if there was all I would need to do is pop it open.

Awesome stick, love the idea, love the execution.

But to weigh in on the Ouya debate the problem with Android based consoles is the plain fact that you could a year ago get a phone with better specs, its own HD touch screen, have that be truly portable, and more open in varieties of ways such as software/controllers. Phones will keep outpacing it and Android game devs will keep designing their casual games for touchscreen.

Still awesome stick. Console in a stick ideas are always awesome. It storing a player 2 controller and using a Link just icing on a very cool cake.

I could also never see that thing getting hot with that fan.

The PS2 actually had overall more powerful hardware, the issue was not many programmers knew how to access and take advantage of the 2 vector co-processors the PS2 had.
The PS2 (and later on the PS3) was notorious for being hard to program for so developers could not take full advantage of the system’s hardware. Hence the reason for the CPU architecture change in the PS4 from a IBM made Cell (power PC) Cell engine to an AMD x86 family APU.

Keep in mind the original PS1 was the first console that didn’t require the use of assembly to program, that you could write games in C.

I’m waiting for someone to commission me to make a pi in a stick.