Ouya Discussion Thread: Will the revolution be televised? ($100 Android-based Gaming Console)


Just got turned onto this today. This thing looks…actually delicious.

But is there a market for this? I’d love for this to catch on, and drive more competition with mainstream devs and the big 3. Plus we could see a load of awesome titles by people who don’t like the restrictions on Xbox Indie development or don’t want to deal with catering to PC gaming markets.

Your thoughts? Would you pick this up at launch?

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Ouya - The future of console gaming?

It’s a genius idea, but there are a couple of things I’d like to know. Has Google given them exclusive license to use Android in such a manner? If not what’s to stop someone (probably Sony) from just having a downloadable version of Android on their console?

Also what are the specs of it compared to a high end phone (like say the Galaxy S3)? Right now I can take a Galaxy S3 (and some other phones), hook them up to a television via HDMI out, and use a PS3 bluetooth remote.


About similar to the S3 Global version, Quad Core processor, 1GB of ram (vs. the 2GB from Samsung) USB out, HDMI out, and wifi up to n.

So basically it is a S3 with a special GUI for being a game console. Plus considering this thing is to be used solely for a gaming experience, the bottlenecks that comes with multitasking on a smartphone is going to be off of this thing.


Odds are it’s equivalent to the PSVita or HighEnd Tablet.

If they didn’t have to render at 720p or greater you could actually put some pretty amazing content (like on the vita screen) but with that resolution your going to get raped when doing any type of pixel shading.

Lower vertex count I’m ok with but no decent pixel shading (for lighting) and shitty transparency support on mobile is a killer for making truly great looking games at 720p and 1080p. That is going to limit a lot of indie devs to games that are 2d or look like amnesia or minecraft.

I think it will be really popular for small kids and early teens though because of the price point and odds are it will be small.


Vid shows what the Tegra3 quad-core processor is capable of.

Oh yeah, DiveKick on Ouya!


The biggest problem I see with this is splitting the market for both consumers and developers. Some games will be best suited to small touch screens and some games will be better for bigger screens with a controller. Making an “Oya only” game could be a really bad idea.

Also what happens with netplay? Will you be able to determine who’s on a console and who’s on a mobile phone? Unless it’s something like a golf game then netplay with someone on a mobile device will be absolutely awful.


This thing is going to crash and burn.


will MvC2 be online on this?


I hope that’s not the final design for the controller. Why the fuck would they have the red button falling off the side? Also why the hell would they chose the same color as the Xbox for the buttons?


I just hope there’s something really competitive that gets developed for it, I will not spend $100 on a console to play Angry Birds. I’d rather just buy more fucking RAM. Other than that? This thing looks fucking badass.


There’s already a thread on this.