Ov3rheadGreg's youtube channel terminated

Just tried to visit the channel and it’s gone apparently. I’m guessing this is related to his Topanga League uploads, but the message when one visits his page says there were “multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants including:
When I Google that it gives me a company called “dwango”.

Edit: I see there are already posts about this in the Topanga League thread.

google translate turned that into “Dwango LTD” which from a quick search owns NicoNico Dougo. Nico Nico Live is what is streaming Topanga league so yeah.


damn it man i hope he can make another account and just leave the topanga shit alone. he had alot of good content that i studied from

His was one of the best channels. Lame.

He’s appealing the ban:

Someone call Anon, they got work to do

Oh because of the Mago Fuudo shit? Was that commercial?

Thank you for making this thread. It is good to know people care. I can hopefully return with help from the community. :slight_smile:

You and Yogaflame24 are god sends :slight_smile:

wow, so you cant take anything from topangna? like ever?

for those who didnt watch the vid like 2 posts up, the acct suspension came from the mago v fuudo FT10

did they charge money for the old shit on nico nico or something?

and what about the numerous other channels that upload shit from topangna? i call BS

i call bs too, i’m sure greg only got the heat because his channel is so popular

I don’t understand how people can be mad at Topanga for trying to protect their business. They provided a PPV stream and within a few hours the content is on youtube for free. Really Ov3rheadgreg you should have used your head and you would still have your channel. What would people who bought the ppv have thought when the content for which they paid was shown for free on the shoryuken frontpage.

And I like how everyone is crying like ov3rheadgreg is some kind of martyr . Without organisations like Topanga Godsgarden NSB Teamspooky Level up etc who actually create ORIGINAL quality content there would be nothing for us too look at. Say fuck Topanga all you want but without them nothing would of happened. Japan does not allow tournament organizers to divide the pot so all the prizemoney has to come from sponsors. This is probably the reason they organized this whole thing as a PPV event. Personally I think they could have handled the pay per view content a lot better like run a second stream on twitch tv so western audience doesnt have to go through the hastle of signing up on a japanese website and also a lower price would probably have made it more attractive for more ppl. However ov3rheadgreg should have respected their PPV content . It was stupid to rip those vids and post them on youtube.

OMG SOPA lets call ANON plz

the issues wasnt the stuff from the PPV. keep up, and try not to be an ass. he took that down and was fine. they came back and took him down for the fuudo vs mago FT10.

and greg isnt the only user with topangna stuff. theres a few japanese uploaders who have 100s of vids from them

Keep up ? Are you stupid. Did the other uploaders upload ppv content ? They were obviously mad because he fucked with them. He must have known what he was doing buying PPV content and then putting it up on youtube for free within a few hours. If you think this is not about the PPV you are insane. He uploaded their pay per view content so they decided to take him down. The mago vs fuudo ft 10 was just the loophole they needed. You think they just woke up one day and decided to take his channel down for fun ?

Also It’s funny that out of all the major sf websites it was Eventhubs which respected Topanga content.

no i am not stupid. like i said try to refrain from being an ass. you seem incapable at this point, but i’ll try again anyway

obviously the PPV content drew attention, but if the other matches are in the realm of what everyone else has, they have no grounds for the suspension unless the other content was also PPV.

if you pay attention, watch the video 3 or so posts up, and turn off your ass hole internet speak, you will see what i am reffering to.

he recieved an infringement for the league stuff, and complied with what they told him. he removed the videos. however, they filed a second copyright infringement on the mago vs fuudo FT10. the second was enough to get his youtube page taken down.

it is not a legitimate beef if the mago fuudo matches were not PPV, and made widely available on nico nico? i would think so.

especially when there are other popular channels with hours of topangna content pulled from nico nico.

if you would like to continue this conversation free of insults, feel free to reply

No its all about PPV content . That is what this whole thing is about. It’s the only reason he is in trouble and other uploaders are not. It is the only REASON and also the only difference between him and other uploaders.

They just needed the mago vs fuudo vid to finish it. That vid is like months old now and I doubt they care about it at all. What they do care about is them providing a paid service and some guy just uploading the videos for free within hours. Eventhough using the mago vs fuudo ft 10 may seem like a dick move they are within their rights the only guilty person is ov3rheadgreg

Well thats



I wonder if a dedicated FG video site could be financially viable? Ov3rheadGreg and YogaFlame24 should team up and make one.

err… i’ve had an account banned for “copyright violation” on youtube before and you’d be surprised at how asinine the whole process can be.

basically, you get three “strikes”. third one you’re out kinda deal. a single strike will not disappear from your record unless you have successfully disputed with all parties (yourself, the “copyright ‘holder’”, and youtube) the strike was unjust, or after six months of no further “violations”. now here’s a huge problem: there is no grace period between strikes. you can go to bed, wake up in the morning and find out some needle dick copyright “holder” doled out three strikes overnight and your account, along with all of the videos, are deleted. period. you can get two strikes in a week, then five months later upload something that has a sound clip of some song some big label company thinks it just might be theirs, and have your account deleted. it wouldn’t matter if you oblige and take down whichever video caused a violation - you still accumulated a strike.

here’s something more: whenever you’re given one of these strikes, youtube links you to a way you can supposedly dispute it… which they then turn around and say “go talk to the copyright holder”. they do NOT give you a way to contact the company or individual who made the claim against you. what’s worse? this shit is all completely unregulated. these copyright holders are allowed to dish out these strikes and warnings without any proof that you’ve done anything wrong, other than they think so. this is why you see people with COMPLETELY ORIGINAL WORK, have their accounts closed because MTV thought it came from their company, or Warner Bros. thinks it’s from a scene from one of their thousands of films. hilariously enough, real famous artists have had account seizures by their record labels because apparently they don’t own their own work.

the only way to truly ensure your account doesn’t get deleted is to remove all your videos for six months out of fear you’ll randomly get a third strike.

in my case of account deletion, i had videos of my friend and i playing a gundam game on the ps2. for over four years these videos were up with no issue at all, until one day i have two strikes in my inbox from Sony BGM of America and Sony of Japan. i jump through all the hoops to try and resolve the issue, send an email to the appropriate parties, only for two days later to have a third strike and 500+ videos deleted.


what more than likely happened was ov3rhead got a bunch of strikes that he couldn’t react to in time.

damn. after reading the above post, i figured out what more than likely happened. thanks for the explanation shadow

since the company can just make claims against what that they think is copyright infringement, they saw the mago fuudo FT10 and more than likely just mistook it for the league match between mago and fuudo.