"Over Here" - What do you guys do against Teleporters?



Just wanna get a insight on what you guys do against teleporters,** more of the ones that go behind you.**

I just jump back and H and attempt to get a combo in, sometimes it’ll string and sometimes it won’t. If it connects I’ll complete it and search for evidence on the knockdown.

Rocket Raccoon’s teleport gets me alot though, so, what do you guys do?


I switch in wesker or nemesis.
Overall just not a good match-up for PW and leaves no real “safe” opportunity to gather evidence so it’s really just not worth it.


This is the ideal option, but not always available. (I do take it whenever I can)

So, there are really two types of teleports. Tracking and not. (Although, Wesker is the only one I can think of with a non-tracking telport. Akuma I suppose as well, but no one ever uses that teleport.)

In this case of the tracking teleports, I notice that a properly timed standing H (Investigation) will punish teleports. Keep in mind this only counts for unguarded teleports. If Vergil ports and calls Hawkeye at the same time, you’ll just have to block/jumpback. I’ve been trying to H -> launch quick enough to dodge the arrows, but haven’t had success doing so. I have a feeling it’d take a lot of assist knowledge to know what’s dodgable/what’s not.

I don’t have a lot of RR matchup knowledge, but I think you can blow it up with the standing H. I’d have to test it in the lab, but once again it applies to mostly unguarded ports.

In most cases, you’ll just to collect less evidence because of how quickly they can get back on you. It’s basically just awful.


What options does Trial Wright have versus teleports? Assuming you’re willing to go Trial mode and put it some work outside of just grabbing evidence.


For characters that teleport behind you, all you can do is predict it and punish them during their few frames of vulnerability. Problem with this is Wright’s bad normals range, so try for a grab or a Light version of Paperwork. Or if you have meter, use the Judge hyper the second you see the teleport activate. Since it hits all around Wright, it’ll hit the opponent as well.

Of course, these are all very limited. Against teleporters, I use She-Hulk instead.


If you actually stick with investigation mode, s.:h: actually has a decent range for countering teleports. not a GREAT option, but an option.


Well when the grabs in game get fixed teleporters like Doctor Strange will be punished for mindless rush in.


Against raw teleports, I guess at the recovery position, dash up and L. It works pretty well. If an assist is backing though, you just have to deal with it. I get better results in Investigation mode, since you can feint search for evidence with low L (kinda looks like the evidence search). On an unrelated note, Investigation H with Maya Shield is amazing AA.


one more week till that tech grab (free teleports) bullshit is removed.


Honestly, once I get about mid-screen or farther I start just waiting for those teleports. 9/10 times people are expecting 1 of 2 things: a Maya call, or an evidence gather…so they try to teleport in. You can catch them with a standing or crouching combo just as they’re coming out of their teleport and it generally hits them…either as an anti-air, or a straight up ground combo. Use their own predictable teleports against them if you can. Wright can get a lot done just by being patient.


The only teleporter I ever have trouble with is Virgil, and even he’s easy to deal with. Every Virgil player will teleport, then cr.:l:, which is super-easy to predict.


I don’t really have that much trouble against teleporters honestly. It’s just those annoying command grabs


Depending on who I’m fighting or rolling with, I use Hulks AA or Iron’s Repulsar. Both are very Anti teleporters (though Iron needs a second but lasts longer than Hulks). Totally troll getting 1 evidence with Iron Man all the way haha.


If I have Maya shield out, go inside it and hit/throw them.

Otherwise, a GTFO assist is really helpful. I’m using Golden Hsien-ko.


A lot of the guys that I play are cocky and just do raw teleports. Against someone like Vergil, just combo them as soon as they appear behind you. Against someone like Dante, just air throw them. If they’re actually playing smart and covering their teleports, tag out. You can’t do much about that.


If you’re in trial mode and you can predict/read the teleport, do a QCF hyper. No matter which way they teleport, they’ll probably get hit with either Maya or Judge.


I try to control my position on the screen and call Maya, since I’ve already learned where is she gonna stop most of the time I’m safe inside her shield… this is way easier while you have them cornered or vice-versa.
That’s right, there’s another option: as soon as you see them dissappear you can to jump backwards and hit “Hard” while holding either forward or back, most of the time this characters teleport to the air and since Phoenix Wright has one of the longest reaching grabs in the game they pretty much end up grabbed most of the time… IF they teleport to the floor then it’s probable that his elbows will hit them too on the recovery.
Still, most of the time Wright is in a bad position against teleporters.


I do what I always do to counter rush down