Over priced $F TE Stick


I guess previous thread was closed, can someone explain why threads get renamed and closed?

I guess the owners of this site are affiliated with Madcatz and closes posts where people question their pricing on the TE stick?


This is getting ridiculous.


what the fuck is wrong with you?



I can’t even dignify this with an answer.


Incomparably Stupid & Asinine Topic With Absolutely No Resolution or Purpose Outside of Wasting Bandwidth, Part Deux.

Not as catchy as “Topic: Bullshit”, but I feel swearing sometimes conveys a poor point.


Forums rules…the more you learn.


Ban plz.


Stupid 09.




Wizard needs to bust out his ban hammer on his MRF.

british woman in background (Mista F…)

-Tha Hindu


i sense an incoming infraction…


You’re stupid


More monster.com, less shoryuken.com


dont worry fmj i got em


if you think its over priced DONT BUY IT!!!


thx, the madcatz stock gift will be in your inbox shortly…


Shoo, why is balrog trolling in your avs. Man so much hate from that guy on the forums.

-Tha Hindu


oops i thought i closed this bitch

only me and fmj can continue to post

cuz we cool like that