Over-the-ear Headphones

I’ve been looking for another pair of headphones for $25 or less and wanted to know if anyone has recommendations. I’ve been using these from Sony the past few years. While they’re good for the price, really good IMO, I’d like something that would produce higher quality sound. My friend recently bought these Seinnheisers and they seem to be good, although a few reviews say it’s too “bassy” and hurts wearing them after an hour.

These would just be for home use on my laptop. Most music I listen to is live performances, R&B, and occasionally rap. By audiophiles standard, I know I would have to spend more to get high quality sound, but how are these? Or have users here found a better set?

I don’t really know how they stack up against the high end headphones, but I have these Seinheiser Adidas OMX 680s for running. I am satisfied with the quality, but they are bit more pricier. I got mine for $50 in person. I used to have expensive Sony sport head phones but the base on those where poor.

http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=adidas headphones&hl=en&safe=off&prmd=ivns&biw=1290&bih=715&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=16117025265504128039&sa=X&ei=KG_lTYWiApGmsQPL-5QW&ved=0CJ8BEPMCMAg

One of the major problems with over the ear headphones is that sound quality is highly dependent on if the headphones match your ear shape. I gave my sister the Sony’s and she says they sound better for her than my Seinheisers and the Sony’s fit her better.

I won a pair of these little guys. http://amzn.com/B000092YR6

They’re dirt cheap. But the sound quality is great for something of that price. Not quite to the level of Koss Portapros (which were AMAZING for $30, but they failed on me…a lot), but nice for the price. And damn comfortable. I’ve been using then while gaming lately.

Not gonna find over the ear, with quality, and comfortable for under $25. Cheap Sony’s and Sennheiser’s the best your gonna do and they are not that great. Koss Portapro’s have great sound but they are not over the ear, they are on the ear. You can find some IEM’s that have great sound for under $25, but not over the ear. Up your price range, or wait and save up more money. Your ears will thank you. = ]

I was particularly interested in this as well before since I wanted to go over-the-ear as my current Sennheisers sit on my ear and after a while it hurts my ear lobes. It seems like Sennheisers are notorious for pinching regardless of the cup type.

When you say ‘over the ear’, supra-arural, ‘behind the ear’ with hooks or plain ordinary headphones? The only thing I can gather is that I couldn’t imagine you’d mean earbuds.

With normal headphones, they’re a small bit out of your budget, with the lowest prices on google products being $35 before tax and shipping but I personally really like the Sony MDR-NC40s for the first category. They’re very comfortable low pressure headphones with very delicate leather and really rather brighten-up the music allowing you to hear some better amount of detail when you have the noise canceling function on, which requires one AAA battery to operate. They can operate without the noise canceling function but they kinda sound rather much like your plain ordinary $10 or $15 set. I noticed a few years after I bought them that they were given a best selling headphones award at my local radio shack.

As for cons, some do people complain that the balance is off and I don’t trust that I have a very good frame of reference to confirm or deny this. I must also admit that these aren’t the sturdiest headphones on the planet. I have two broken sets where the earpiece just came off with relatively low amounts of force with only about one year of use out of each.

As for supra-aural, I often hear they’re quite uncomfortably tight but the Sony MDR-V6 headphones can be had for about shipping included and I always hear good things about the original’s sound quality wherever I read about them. They’re a professional monitor series Sony’s been making since at least the eighties. Again they’re out of your price range but $43 (including flat rate shipping) isn’t that bad a price to pay for top quality sound and they should be much much sturdier than the NC60s. I think I’m going to order a set right now, in fact… One other issue that should be pointed out is that after about ten to twenty years, the ear pads will wear out but Sony’s still making replacements thus-so-far.

I have another set of broken radioshack brand headphones that were rather large with thick padding that I got from Radioshack for exactly $25, after what I believe was 50% discount on clearance. The sticker on them says 04A02 and that’s all I know about them. Memory’s too fuzzy to recall what they really sounded like but at the time I thought they were decent. Granted, up until that point I’d never spent very much on headphones. That was so long ago that you probably can’t find 'em anymore though anyway.

Within your budget these logitechs sound decently clear for their price, if they’re the same ones as what I’ve gotten from the office supply store. Certainly look like the same item. However I dislike the way the holders bend your ears and without them, the posture you need to keep them on is quite a (literal) pain in the neck.

I have no experience with sennheiser whatsoever but I do hear they make a good product. Usually the products I hear about are much more expensive than $20 dollars though. I don’t think they’re very well known for their ‘budget’ cans and are primarily notable for being more of a high end company.

Perhaps it’s all this is not exactly what you’re looking for but hopefully this is useful information in some way though.

Thanks for the input everyone. I might as well wait and save up. It seems pretty pointless to be cheap and buy a crappy product that’s either not going to last or be uncomfortable. My current headphones aren’t killing me either so I can make do.

Good decision man. Just be patient, save up, and in the mean time do some research and set your sights on the pair you want. It can be very tricky finding the right headphones, as there are on the ear, over the ear, and in the ear. Also it is not as simple as buy the most expense pair, because expensive ones need an amp or else they will sound worse than cheaper pair that don’t need amps. Check out Head-fi.org for reviews, info, and great prices on used pairs. Warning though, head phones can be just as addictive as arcade sticks. Their motto is very fitting “Welcome to head fi, sorry about your wallet”. If you want my recommendation, strictly for over the ear, I would go with:
Some hate how bass heavy they are, but you want that heavy bass when playing games and watching movies. Saying these are comfortable is such a understatement that is borderline offensive. It’s like strapping two cushy leather sofas to your head. Heaven. Only cons are that can make you a little hot, but def not bad. I’m hot natured and I can handle them no problem as long as I’m in a cool place. And the second con is that if you go out in public people will look at you like “Who’s the retard with monster truck tires strapped to his head.” This however does not apply on long airplane flights with screaming kids. People look at you like “I wish I was that guy. :shake:”

“Welcome to head fi, sorry about your wallet.”

Oh god, ain’t that the truth. Headphones can get so expensive it’s not even funny ‘cause audiophiles are even more dedicated to their obsession than we are here. I don’t think many of us would be willing to drop the cash for a top dollar pair of headphones like the Grado PS-1000s and the ones who are are probably rockin’ out to their tunes on some crazy equipment like the ELP Laser Turntable with some crazy custom handmade tubeamps and pure silver cords hooking it all up together. I’m not even joking. Makes me reaaaaaaaaally respect the Playstation 1. Anybody who’s willing to spend almost twelve grand on a stereo system alone and still say a $40 street value Playstation 1 is comparable to a $6,000 source either knows really what he’s talking about or is absolutely crazy. Allegedly some super high quality soundchip for redbook audio playback is in some of the earlier models of the PS1 and only the model SCPH-1001 has the standard RCA jacks to take advantage of the super duper high grade wire necessary to coax out the signal’s fullest potential. I can’t afford anything like that myself, well, aside from the PS1. . .

Makes me wonder if how the PS3’s newer higher grade composite or s-video cables stack up in comparison. Granted they’re not made out of precious metals and have smaller contacts but they’re still a bit better than the ones that originally came with the PS1 and should work on that system.

On the other hand, it might not matter too much since a lot of audiophile stuff is overrated.

I still call BS on the “audiophile” PS1.

“If it sounds too good to be true…”

Yah sounds like BS!!!

  • Immediately starts researching and and trying to find one on Ebay just incase* :smiley:

Damn. I have an early-model PSX, but it isn’t a 1001.

Not that… not that it matters. Right.

Currently enjoying my Denon D2000s and this little guy.


You have Denon D2000’s!!:eek:
Damn it! I’ve gotten out of headphones a little bit, but that is def my next headphone purchase.

Shape of head and ears is also factor. 3 of my friends are super happy with their Seinnheiser HD 201. I can’t wear them more then 20 min because of discomfort followed by sweat. Seinnheiser HD 415 are more confortable for my ears. They are “open air” so i cant realy use them at work. Is there some alternatives for 415 at similar price? I will use them to listen mp3, ogg, flac from PC during long work hours, so comfort is priority. Using only 201 and 415, “sponge” ear pads seams better then “leather”.


A DJ friend of mine recommended Sennheiser HD215s, and they’re the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever had.
A bit HUGE though! :rock:

Thanks for recommendation, kikimaru024. I will try 215, it looks like they are available in store here.

Save up your money and get some Grado SR-60s.

Oh say, thanks for the like dako, although by speaking about materials you’ve reminded me of another aspect of the Sony MDR V6 cans I forgot about that I think the community might be somewhat receptive to: You can modify them for comfort. Pearstone and Beyerdynamic make earpads for other phones that you can modify them with, made out of velour.

I don’t think that’d help you so much as ear shape is one of your concern and the most helpful critical review on Amazon mentions that while the modification helps with the comfort level, it’s not a full fix and most notably the phones still pinch her ears. I’ve noted a small handful of people tend to note that the modification throws off the balance more in the favor of bassiness or may make them sound a bit quieter with several theories as to why. However most just seem to be rather satisfied with the added comfort and durability the softer, easier breathing material gives in comparison to the harsh flaky pleather (plastic “leather”) of the O.E.M. brand.

Since Muffman seems to suggest head-fi as a reliable source of information, here’s a[n old] thread from their forums detailing the process of replacement for those of you who might be interested. It’s worth noting though, that by the time you pay for the new pads, you might be able to consider a different pair of phones.

[June 27th 2011: So long as this was bumped, actually having a pair now, it seems that the V6 earpads can simply be slid off away from the back with some delicate tugging. It just leaves the driver bare. It’d probably be easiest to slip on Pearstone’s pads if anybody wants a velor V6, since they’re not open in the center like Beyer’s.]

However what might be of help some of Bayerdynamic’s own headphones just look like super comfortable, with pads that look almost like large silver plushy pillows from the pictures I’ve seen of them. If the Seinheiser’s don’t work out due to the material padding, a pair from them might make a more comfortable option. It’s really since it’s really the first I’ve heard of 'em though, so I can’t really say what the consensus on the brand’s sound quality is like.

I went to both audio/music stores in my town today and found only AKG and Sennheiser models. Only interesting models in lower price renge are:

-AKG K99: $74, lightwieght, easy on head when i tried them, dont cover whole ear without little adjustiments, more comfortable then sennheiser HD201
-Sennheiser HD418: $74, velour pads, I heard that sound is not good as hd 415, but it is not dealbreaker, didnt tried this pair. Also found out that hd 415 are discontinued.
-Tried HD 215($123) but they didnt “click” with me, strong grip on my head, pretty loud though.

I think I shall buy hd418 on pay day.

Don’t get sr60s. Open air drivers suck unless it’s absolutely quiet. I have a set of sr325i’s myself and it’s not enjoyable with outside noise. I also rock these Senns. Not too expensive and you could probably find them cheaper. I got mine for 75% off at one time.

Clean, clean sound for a reasonable price.