Overall Combos : How the heck do you do them!

Hey there, a newb here, I’ve been playing fighting games for about four years, and I’ve been doing moderately well doing a sort of one move hits, but I can NOT get the concept of Combos down. I’ve been trying for about a year to learn a simple combo for Street Fighter and MvC, but I can not get my fingers to work out right. The best non-MvC3 Sent old BnB combo I can do is like a LP LP. In anything. Can someone explain how to perform combos?

Gamerbee said you don’t got the talent
Kidding aside
I recommend picking up Tekken 6, learning combo’s is the easiest part of the game.

get an arcade stick. if you have one go to the execution guide.

If he cant do combo’s in marvel then he DEFINITELY cant do combo’s in tekken, it doesnt get any easier than abc super.

What do you mean?

You just hit buttons…

Are you asking how to do every combo generally?
Start small… in Marvel, I think everything is jusLMHS > SJ > MMHS
Once you get that down, learn to do longer ones…
honestly, if you’re still having a hard time, mission/trials are a good way to learn some basics.