Overbearing parents well into adulthood?

Anyone else INDEPENDENT and of legal drinking age have overbearing parents on SRK?

The weird thing about my situation is I’m almost 25 years old and yet the older I get the more ridiculous my mother gets. My parents are separated, but theres no way a man would be so invested in their adult son. Is this the natural thing for mothers to do? I’ve been on my own since I was 17, put myself through college, culinary school…pay my own bills etc. I just recently moved back to my hometown after almost 7 years for a job and she has been acting so crazy. I’ve NEVER been a “momma’s boy” so I dont know what could be the explanation for her actions.

I feel like she treats me like a child. We’re talking, she still calls me at 4 or 5 in the morning to make sure im ok. If I dont answer I wake up to a smorgasbord of text messages of “call me ASAP!!!” Last week she got “upset” because I came over and didnt want to eat what she cooked for dinner rotfl. We ride in the car together and she’s telling me I “charge my phone too much.” I wish I were trolling but I cant make this shit up. I came home one thanksgiving and she went through my clothes like I was a fucking kid. Like what the fuck was she looking for?

Oh, and she likes to bring of things that I did when I was a teenager. And she keeps asking about grandchildren.

I get so frustrated and yell at her. I told her she doesn’t respect me and this woman laughed in my face. It’s so obvious that she doesnt see me as an adult, and I dont know how to change that since I’m 1) an adult. What the hell is going on?

I think her eggs are drying up or something. Is there a medical name for this?

give your phone number/address/facebook to someone you don’t like

wonder how they manage to harass you all the time

So she would bother them? Hmm. Good idea.

She annoys me because it was easier to ignore my mother when I lived 500 miles away? And she just happens to live across the street from my cousin who’s my only friend in this shitty town. ROTFL.

“Santinaaa…COME EAT”

there are always 2 sides to a story. Get your mom to post on SRK so we can make a more fair judgement cuz you are straight making it sound like your own mom is mentally ill.

She doesn’t know how to use a computer. Besides the question wasn’t meant to be answered from her point of view, “new member.”

just relax man, don’t let it get to you. smoke a joint for fucks sake

So you have a person who actually gives a crap about you.

Oh the horror.

She worried that you gonna overdose on wine coolers, xtc, and semen.

That’s probably the problem. Ma dukes knows that Bitch has an addictive personality, especially since it runs in the family. She jus looking out. If he presented an image that didn’t worry her, shit would kosher.

Pretty much this.

You’re not having kids?

You’re not having peace.

I don’t drink wine coolers.

I dont actually do anything, and I dont remember her being this weird when I was younger. It might SEEM like I’m over-reacting but I’m not. About a month ago she asked me did I wasnt to go with her and my stepdad on their anniversary vacation.

It’s not me. It has to be her.

Maybe it’s the company you keep nigga. You know what they say, lay down with dogs and wake up with Hiv.

Edit: my girl just slapped me on the ass for typing this. she way outta pocket lol

Do you want to finish this conversation in the not another gay thread? I’ll be over there in like 3 minutes.

As far as my mother knows I have no friends here except my cousin. She’s just overbearing.

My girl want tacos dog. So I will leave you to your own devices.

If makes you feel better, you can do like what half of Gd does already and masturbate yourself to sleep while looking at my picture. WAAY OUTA POCKET!!

Your “girlfriend” should already have a taco.

I thought I was the gay one. Justsayin.

She being picky. Whats with the quotations? You think cause I’m a black guy listening to Blind Melon and asking people to jerk it to my facebook pictures that my sexuality has come into question? You are like, so fucking shallow.

what bad advice

Your face is bad advice. BOOYAH!!!

Thats parents for you. You could be 55 and your 85 year old mother will still tell you what to do.

Pics of mom?

at the end of the day your mom is still a woman and thus full of and crazy as shit. the moment i realized that, my life got so much less stressful.