Overcoming excessively defensive/passive tendencies

It’s recently come to my attention that I am not being as aggressive as I possibly should be and it may be adversely affecting my play–this is probably exacerbated by the fact that I main primarily charge characters (Dee Jay and Honda). Recently, (perplexingly) I got some hate mail from one of my online opponents who insulted this tendency in my gameplay. How can I overcome this trepidation and feel more confident mounting an offense and finding gaps in an opponent’s attack to do so?


Maybe you should try focusing on one aspect of your characters game per sitting. Sometimes ill say, alright, im not letting a single throw whiff go unpunished or work on using (Rogs) standing roundhouse in footsies more. With this experimentation comes comfort and the sparks shoot off in your brain and you make new connections and you have a new to do list of experiments.

Thats how im trying to progress now anyways, hasnt done me wrong.

& above all else, dont listen to jealous haters :smiley:

Did you win? If so don’t fix what isn’t broken.

as a charge character, dont be afraid to just WALK forward and push them in the corner. you would be surprised how many people freak out and DONT stand their ground and just let you escort them. sure, they know you lost your charge but you have to do it

Honestly, I can’t remember if I won this particular match or not. But don’t you think sending hate mail to someone you’ve just beat is kind of a dick move?

Maybe I just have too much undeserved faith in the community. :annoy:

I wouldnt consider random online matches as “part of the community”. It’s just someone with an xbox.

A lot of people have a tendency to run away the entire match and every time they hit you they jump back hardkick and go all the way to the otherside of the screen again whether they have the meter or life advantage, they don’t even consider it. You could be doing this without realizing it. Pretty much every online akuma, honda, deejay, guile do this (not saying you do just pointing it out).

Obviously if you’re still winning it’s on the other person to get better to try to overcome this but, it’s still not smart to get into a habit of this because if you come across a good player you’re going to realize you need to know how to attack your opponent instead of just sit on downback and wait for them to jump at you.

Just because you’re a charge character doesn’t mean you have to sit on down back. Special moves should almost never be used raw without comboing into them so to say you have to sit on downback to keep a charge doesn’t make any sense. Don’t be afraid to give up your charge, you’re really not using it anyway. I play Bison and there is no way I would win without walking forward. All of hondas game doesn’t even rely on a charge move so there really isn’t a reason to sit on the otherside of the screen anyway. Unless of course you have a huge life lead and you opponent is a random masher or you like playing lame which, is just fine if that’s how you want to play but expect hatemail.

The reason people run away is because they’re afraid. Simple as that. To stop doing this try to become more confident with walking forward and pressuring your opponent. You need to feel like whatever they do you have an answer for it, even if you’re walking forward.

Don’t jump in. Get a feel for your normals and develop a good footsie game. You can also utilize your dashes, focus attack, and of course projectiles.

Give solid pressure; don’t be reckless. You want to be like a wall that moves your opponent into the corner.

Remember, you don’t have to sit on charge. You have normals. Honda has HHS. Dee jay has jab air slasher. You can stop and safely charge anytime you want.

I realised the same and stopped playing charge characters, mainly. I was very successful with Balrog in vanilla but just got bored. So I started playing much more mobile and/or aggressive characters (mostly Abel, and Cody recently), and now I enjoy it to the point where I don’t like turtling at all. Abel is a good choice to break the habit because his AA and wakeup options suck, so you can’t afford to turtle - you have to keep moving.

I have other serious issues with my game, but this fixed the same problem you’re talking about.

Ultracombo has the right idea. As honda, learn cr.lp xx hhs (linked rh optional), st.hp as anti-air, walking forward and blocking on reaction. When you can do all that you have the tools to waddle forward, blocking anything they stick out and anti-airing any jump in attempts. Force them into the corner, stand just outside of their poke range, and then sit there. If they whiff pokes, punish with st.rh or st.fierce. If you want to pressure them, use cr.lp xx hhs. You should be at the range to st.hp any jumps they try. If you think you’re really in their head walk up and lp.ochio. Walk back and forth trying to bait something and then punish it. If you really wanna learn the offense play a session without jumping or using any of his charge moves.

I definately had this problem through Vanilla, so I can relate.

On one hand, yeah, why change what works? On the other hand, what if it doesn’t work and you’re down in health for this particular match?

I’d say you need to find a safe and reliable way to move in and/or apply pressure. I don’t know a lot about Honda or Dee Jay, so I can’t help you there.
And when you get in, you need a go to combo you can perform consistantly. IE: jab xx hands, rh. One of the main reasons I played so defensively (and this may absolutely vary for you), was because I was scared to combo in any meaningful way for fear of dropping it. Once I learned some proper combos, I got my swagger back and started putting some heat on people.