Overcoming off days

Hi Guys,

I’m an 09’er (just to get that out) and I have a recurring problem with my ability to stay solid.
Just yesterday I had a casual meeting and I played at my top, gave the better players a really hard match.
Then today I started playing online totally mind boggled losing to the worst players ever. Tournaments are the same story, it’s a 50/50 of ending in top 3 or not even making it out of the pools.

So my question is, how do you overcome off days or stay solid throug time?

Just remember, Online doesn’t matter for more than casual gaming. The lag/input delay really can hurt your game more than it helps as you begin to progress in skill level. The best solution would probably be to invite some friends or gamers that live nearby to having some casuals rather than try and skill up online.

In the event of an off day, take a break, go read or exercise and come back to it later that day or another.

Thanks for the advice.
The funny thing is, on weekends we have bigger meetings, throughout the week I play with some other players in my area.
We know eachother so well that we don’t enjoy playing against eachother any more and we take turns playing endless.

A friend of my commented in messaging stating that I have to setup a more basic gameplan against players who do not engage in footsie/mindgame battles.

That could be your problem. Play smart players all night. Next day you play online and use the same strategies you used last night, you’ll lose a lot. Just don’t give randoms online any credit. Don’t hit them with a meaty on wakeup…they’ll dp you, even if you just baited them through the whole first round. It’s boring, but against a lot of people online, you just can’t put yourself out there, play safe. Not gonna trick them because they’re not thinking.

Totally true. I never try any meaties on their wakeups.

For off days, I take maybe 1 - 2 days break maybe 3.

I have those days to but for those days I just usually just don’t play for awile and then come back and try again. Get all the negative energy away and start again. Usually it works sometimes It doesn’t then I just stop and play something else for the remainder of the day.

Speaking of bad players I think its that there so bad that you don’t expect the stuff there doing and it just throws you off totally. Happens to me sometimes. Never try to underestimate.

Just dont commit suicide. I have heard of some Starcraft players killing themselves after losing some ranking points.

That’s scary. Please don’t do it.