Has anyone heard of this/played this? I just heard of it tonight, and it looks pretty sick.
I honestly don’t even know what the point of the game will be, but it’s combat is awesome! Haha

(sorry if this post seems really short/stupid/my search didn’t find an existing topic and this is a repost. I have to get up in 5 hours and am deathly tired)

wtf this game is 6 times of all kinds of crazy

Overgrowth is a very cool-looking indie game that is currently in the alpha stages of development. It probably won’t be completed for a long time, but if you buy (“pre-order”) the game now, you get to try out the newest test builds (basically a world editor at this point in time), which are updated almost every week with whatever it is they’ve been working on for the past week. Each week they upload a YouTube video to accompany the update that shows off what they’ve added and explains how you can play around with it. I wouldn’t have the time to play any of these builds anyway but I’ve been subscribed to their channel for months now. I like to go back and watch the older videos too. It’s a joy getting to see the stuff they create. Every single time. It’s all so neat! You wouldn’t believe the things these guys have come up with for their game. I promise, you can pick any “changes” video on the channel to watch, and I’m 100% positive you’ll be impressed and intrigued.

Overgrowth is the sequel to Lugaru. Both games are by Wolfire Games, the company that started the Humble Indie Bundle deal/charity series.

I’m not going to sing ALL praises here. The design descriptions they use for the game’s fighting include some absolutely top-notch scrubquotes material. “Streamlined Combat: Gone are the days of combo memorization and button mashing. Lugaru uses a context-sensitive combat system to put all the moves at your finger tips.” Hahaha.

Here is a short video tutorial for Lugaru that demonstrates how on earth the combat system actually works. It seems pretty neat for an action game or adventure game or whatever it is they made. I believe the system has been/is being modified a little for Overgrowth but the general ideas remain the same. Supposedly Overgrowth will (eventually) have multiplayer support–something that Lugaru did not–at which point we will discover whether the combat will “hold up” when a living, thinking person is playing against another real living, thinking person.

Gratuitous but obligatory David Sirlin quote placed ominously at end of post: “Few games are able to stand up to the rigors of competition.”

^No, clearly this is Dynasty Furries.