Overhead combos



Does anyone else do these from time to time?

I just did:

Overhead (any range) -> cr. LK -> H Ruffian FADC -> Ultra 1
for close to 500 damage.

It’s not hard at all. Might be a 1 framer, but I pull it off so consistently that it feels less dense than that.


you need to hit the opponent standing, which happens not very often. I think that happened twice since the change for me…


I don’t think even counter hit overheads allow you to combo on crouching, since it’s two hits. Not sure how 2 hit moves benefit from counter hits honestly.


It’s a fun tool to have but if you catch someone standing and not blocking against two hits of his overhead they probably aren’t paying attention anyways. Even if they block it the c.lk xx lp.CU is still pretty darn safe against most the cast. (also a ghetto frame trap)


They don’t lol


I like these two combos, they make for a good finishing when using an overhead. The timing on the lk is a little wonky, but I find the pay off is better than just throwing out and overhead with no follow up.

Overhead (any range) -> cr. LK -> H.CU (4 DMG)
Overhead (any range) -> cr. LK -> EX.RK (4 HardKnock)


I’ve never done this in an actual match since it’s incredibly impractical, but I wanted to figure out a combo that connects full U2 from an overhead. Here’s what I came up with: f. HP -> cr. LK xx H. CU -> FADC -> cr. LP -> st. MP -> U2

Fun stuff :slight_smile:


I’m a bit wary a normal st:mp: will be able to link to U2. I can’t test it right now but it just doesn’t feel right, you need a CH cr.:mp: to get the same effect, and the cr version comes out faster I feel.


You can link st.mp into U2. It’s just very difficult.


the +3 on a standing opponent from a hammer hook is pretty much useless. I feel like the developers just gave it to us to make us happy. However, you can usually catch your opponent pressing buttons with a cr.LK after you land an overhead hammer hook.


Close standing strong punch is +7 on hit, and U2’s startup is 7 frames. It’s a one frame link, but it’s not as hard as you might think. Just practice.

My favorite use for the link is to do an ambiguous crossup mk >> cl. mp >> U2. Does some killer damage off what is basically a 50/50. If you know the unblockable jumping mk setup, that’s even better.


If you break Focus or an armored move with it, you get a Counter Hit. Think I have had this happen twice… But good to know. I always just go for cr. LK xx MK Ruffian.


I like using it for punish combos, as people think “Wow only overhead for punish?” then it combos into cr.LK and then into whatever, I just like the mindgame and showing off aspect of using it as a punish. Its the same as doing a crazy hard combo when raw ultra would suffice.


Sounds pretty disrespectful if you ask me. :stuck_out_tongue: I usually just go for max damage unless I am trolling.


^ I don’t think it’s disrespect as much as it is just styling a little. If it’s not serious matches, nothing wrong with practicing combos and having fun.


True, guess I’m a scrub. I do use overhead to style occasionally, but I wouldn’t bet on landing the combo. My links are bad except for the BnB ones.


I recently played a long set, where in the 2nd game I did that overhead combo, and for the rest of the set he thought overhead could always combo into stuff. So for the whole set he was blocking high far too much until I told him it only combos on standing haha