Overhead in footsies?

I’ve been trying to implement Viper’s overhead (F+MP) into footsies just to test the viability of it, and I feel it can be a big tool in matches like Rose and Balrog in an attempt to salvage what little of a footsie game Viper really has, what do you guys think/do you guys use these in any specific matchups or just in general?

I use it a lot against crouch tech happy Bisons you’d be suprised how much they get hit by cr.lk feint overhead xN

I can recommend using this against abel players, they like to use mk+forward but only vipers overhead and hk+forwad can beat this option, unless you can react with a heavy thunder knuckle. Also use this agaisnt wannabe daigo ryus who try to do mk 24/7, the overhead beats this, try it out. Good luck


viper overhead is gatlike.