Overhead into Raging Demon help



Ok so I’ve trying to master this in training mode for like the last 4 days with no progress whats so ever. My issue is, When I do the overhead into Super Demon, the Super will cancel on what seems the very last active frame going into recovery frames of the overhead. But I watch Jr Rodriguez, and Infiltration, on youtube do it, and it looks like they’re canceling it in the start up frames. how do i do that? Is it just a ridiculously fast input? or there a very elaborate trick to it I’m missing? Video Tutorials would be very much appreciated, sorry if someone already made this thread I didn’t see it on the first page.


Gotta do it very fast and accurately.

It’s easier for muscle memory (at least for me) to press the mp twice, like this:
forward + lp + mp
lp + mp (you can also press forward again if that makes it more comfortable)
back + lk + hp (or forward+lk+hp for super)


forward+lp+mp, mp+lp, down-forward+lk+hp


last one is the answer


So I would do :f: then :lp: then :mp: then another :mp:

Or am I supposed to hit em together like you would do for a throw?


Standard Raging Demon. :lp::lp: :f: :lk::hp:
shortcut ragin demon :lp::lp: :f:+:lk:+:hp: (simultaneously)
overhead cancel into raging demon. :f:+:mp:+:lp: (priority, medium punch) :lp: :f:+:lk:+:hp:
due to ease of use your input will be :f:+:mp:+:lp: , :f:+:mp:+:lp:, :df:+:lk:+:hp:

Hope this helps


Yes, press them together.

…but ugo_2u explained it in detail. Lots of short-cuts in this game.