I’ve seen people do overheard into another combo, but whenever I do overhead I move kind of back and the other player moves back so it seems like he’s to far away. Anyone know why?


Every move has pushback (You & Opponent) so there’s only really a few things that could be stopping you from combo’ing off overhead.

a) You’re using a Light or Medium Overhead at a range where you hit a bit short of the opponent or just a tad out of combo range (Up close this is a non-issue).

b) You’re not used to the combo and aren’t connecting the combo in time (OH > CShort/CStrong/CRoundhouse > X)

c) The opponent has a lopsided hitbox (Sagat/Blanka/Guile/Balrog/Cammy etc) and you’re suffering from the age old problem of not knowing what followup suits what character… Example, if you Overhead on crouching Blanka, crouching Guile, crouching Sagat, crouching Honda, crouching Balrog you generally need to use a different attack afterwards based on what character it is.

Guile/Blanka/Honda you need to use CStrong instead of CShort because of pushback and/or a low-lopsided hitbox.

Balrog/Cammy you need to use CRoundhouse because neither CShort nor CStrong will hit.

Probably other examples of this, especially in SUPER (I’m still in Vanilla so no idea who else is effected by this Overhead issue in the new Roster.

Not entirely sure of your actual question as I don’t understand the wording too well but I hope that helps a little.
Try to be a bit more informative and if you can actually show a recording of your problem this will allow people to 100% address your issue.