Normals that look like they hit high be overheads? Like ryus cl st roundhouse or seths cl st roundhouse. I was thinkin about this since yesterday. How would that work in this game? Would it be broken, op, unfair?

if they were overheads? definitely.

Seth would have a 7 frame overhead that links in to Crouch LP/MP, Ryu would get an 8 framer that links in to Crouch MP/MK on crouching characters (& Crouch HP on a few of the cast)

not to mention overheads are normally around between 15-30 frames, any overhead that starts in less than 10 frames would be nion impossible to react to. that alone would make Gouken & Akumas Close HK’s pretty damn good. C.viper would even have a long range one in her Far HK, ditto for T.Hawk & either of his Standing HP.

Mind you, it would be fun to see how it works out, alot of those types of moves don’t really lead in to combos, besides a select few.

Elf’s overhead is already annoying enough.

All of Sagat’s standing normals would be overheads.

Hakan needs it. His standing fierce needs that property.

it would be mortal kombat.