Overnight shipping - Amazon vs. GameStop


I’m pretty sure there’s no right section of the boards for this thread, so I decided to put it here.

If I were to order a game with overnight shipping, which place would actually get it to me faster?

One of my friends ordered FF13 from gamestop with overnight shipping and ended up getting it Wednesday, March 10th, whereas I ended up being able to easily walk into many stores and pick it up on the game’s actual release date, Tuesday March 9th (even midnight releases at some places). So now I’m a little skeptical on gamestop’s overnight shipping.

Does anyone know if Amazon is better? Would he have actually gotten it on March 9th if he ordered it on Amazon with overnight shipping? Because I may end up having to order SSF4 online, and that’s definitely a game I’ll be wanting ASAP :bgrin:


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Amazon has release day shipping. I’ve only ordered 1 game from them (God of War 3), and it was on my doorstep on release day. :tup:


Amazon is usually good on the sending out, however they use UPS as their overnight carrier for games in my experience. UPS can be hit or miss sometimes with shipping dates.


Amazon is amazing… like really with Gamestop you may NEVER see your game come to your door… to add to that customer service is horrible when your package does get “lost”, don’t do it… and just for emphasis Amazon is amazing, I got something shipped all the way from California in about 2-3 days… I’ve never been disappointed with this website ever.


it’ll say on the item page like order it within the next X hours Y minutes and choose 1 day shipping to receiver it tomorrow or when you goto check out and select your shipping option. cut off time for next day shipping is 2pm pacific/5pm eastern for amazon. as far as which one will get it to you faster probably depends on the carrier used and the delivery routes for your specific location. for example, in my area of town UPS delivers pretty late, usually like 4-5pm while fed ex is closer to noon, usps is about 2-3pm but it differs by city.


Hmm is Amazon location dependent? Like if they don’t have a warehouse near me do you think will it affect the delivery-date? I’ve ordered tons of stuff off Amazon but never overnight shipping and usually it’s from smaller sellers selling used stuff, not Amazon themselves, so I’m not sure how different it is.

I’m in NJ if anyone from there has personal experience.


Amazon is great in my experience. Things that take about a week have gotten to me inside of three days. Might just be luck on my part.


no, I mean it depends on what carrier gamestop and amazon use. the USPS, fed ex, and UPS trucks don’t all pull up to your house at the same time, they get there on different times of the day and i can anticipate when my package will arrive based on who is delivering the package. i’d just go with amazon regardless since everything is clearly spelled out on the item page or on the shipping option page. I’ve ordered plenty of things from amazon and if they say they will deliver something on a date then it will get here on that date without fail. I’m not sure gamestop offers release day shipping. based on the language on the item description page it seems like do 1 day shipping from the date of release.


Make new accounts every month, sign up for Amazon Prime trial, cancel it, and get 3.99 one day shipping. I don’t even get taxed so you’re saving money by going to Amazon!


The hell? I mean yeah that works but ya know.

When it comes to prime, I met someone at Cheapassgamer and we got with three other people and split the prime membership five ways (somehow you are able to do this). So I only play $16 and some change a year for Prime. I highly suggest this route but you need to be able to trust everyone n’ all that jazz.

To answer the OP’s question. Um, AMAZON. Just visit Cheapassgamer and then visit the forum for this year’s end of the year retailer awards. Amazon has been clearing house year after year recently. They are doing their damnedest to be the best place to buy video games online.


word, amazon prime is the truth.


Amazon Prime is the truth, got a 3 month free trail that ends next week though.