Overpriced stick (Free Fighter) by Nyko



See for yourself, this thing is 180 dollars for some reason. It’s seems a little short on the features to be able to be retailed at 180 bucks. They say it’s 180 bucks because of the Sanwa parts -_-. I can make a stick that has full Sanwa parts that are cheaper than that. The left and right stick feature can’t be that expensive to mass-produce either, I mean it just can’t!


NYKO historically makes shitty products anyways, so don’t bother until the sheep voice their complaints/compliments.


IKR?! Plus I there is almost no rest room for your hands. They know nothing about the gaming industry overall, especially fighting games.



fail so epic its almost a win. this thing looks like those terrible sticks nyko made before where you had no room to rest your hands. you need a bare minimum to place your wrist on the stick. there is room for nothing. apparently none of the guys at nyko actually play fighting games.

watch the price drop. it will be like 34.99 after like a month.


I want it, looks innovative, but needs improvements. But if NYKO doesn’t usually make gaming products, why did they make this?


To be honest I’d buy this…not for 180. It seems like everyone overprices arcade sticks these days. I bet some of you idiots even spent 180+ on first gen/2nd gen TEs. It’s really small and it looks weighted, this is something I’ve been looking for so I can travel with it easily haha


Don’t do it, wait for the price to drop, no one is going to buy this crap. Besides, NYKO doesn’t even have a good reputation in gaming. I know this stick might be good in ways, but overall, it’s not good to buy it at release. Don’t be lured in by this stick, it may look good, but you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. P.S. The rep in the NYKO booth knows almost nothing about the product.


I kinda like how it’s kinda almost NES looking actually. Otherwise it looks like a piece of shit.


You guys have yet to discuss the placement of the LS-DP-RS switch.

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Thread already exists here:


Nobody mentioned the fact that it says “FREE FIGHTER” on the stick… ha ha ha


The price will drop eventually. Just buy it then.


I DO like the innovations, and the fact that its different, but 180 is steep.


Why didn’t the video continue? It looked like we were about to get some actual thoughts on the thing!


A. The thread for this already exists.
B. This is Tech Talk, we prefer a more neutral, constructive tone when creating threads (off course, whether or not Nyko will pay attention is another matter altogether).