Oversized actuators for JLF..,clone

Hi I was wondering if I could get some advice on the oversized actuators. Im thinking of ordering one of two, but im leaning towards the paradisearcade one because shipping is a bitch to canada, and costs 3-5x more than the part is worth to get it over here.

I have a wwe brawl stick with the jlf-clone stick, I put in a jlf octo gate. so thats what im working with. I dont think its a bad joystick even though its a clone, I dont have a problem with the responsiveness, just the engage/throw on the diagonals I need shorter (This is purely for arcade SHMUPS) in fighting games it performs very well already. Im just going to get a 2LB spring to match it up a bit more.

So im looking at the Kowal 1mm Oversized actuator from focus attack, its 4.50 US plus 11.50 US shipping.

and the white JLF 1mm oversized actuator from paradise which is 2.50 and 10$ US shipping. (However these say Long-throw, that means this isnt what im looking for?)

Would the Kowal be better for shmups due to a different shape? Or would the white jlf one be pretty much the same?

Or would you recommend a DIY method like shrink wrap?(I read those tear)

Get the one from Paradise Arcade Shop imo, the shape of the actuator is the same as the JLF whereas Kowal is different. I can’t say how Kowal’s perform, but the one from Paradise seems to be working great for me.

Big difference from stock? have you played shmups with it? I believe the Kowal one is specialized for the diagonals?

Wow, where would I begin?

First I think its more worth your time and money to replace the crap clone with a real joystick. Also the Octo gate will do nothing for you with shmups, personally 99 times out of a 100 I discourage Octo gates anyways.
Give up all the JLF mods and go with something that actual shmup players would swear by.
If you go to the shmup forums shmups.system11.org/ they will tell you to most likely forget the Clone JLF and Sanwa JLF all together and get a Semitsu joystick (Seimtisu is the joystick of choice for shump players).

"Would the Kowal be better for shmups due to a different shape? Or would the white jlf one be pretty much the same?"
Don’t waste your money. Just stop trying to mod the terrible joystick.

"would you recommend a DIY method like shrink wrap?"
Don’t waste your time.

If you want a good all-around joystick that also do well in shmups get the Seimitsu LS-40-01
The LS-56-01 is good if you want a small tight joystick that very precise, its down size is you have to be very accurate with your executions in Fighters.
The LS-58-01 is just a LS-56 in other colors and a weaker spring, the LS-60 has a weaker spring than the 58.

The LS-32 and LS-32-01 is a decent joystick some people have issues when you hit the gate to hard the pivot jumps a little and you can feel it.
The LS-38-01 is a LS-32 with a different shaft and takes its own shaft cover.
If you want to stick to Sanwa I suggest getting the Sanwa JLW, it comes in two versions a version that only takes bat tops and bigger ball tops (JLW-UM-8) and the version that takes all ball tops (JLW-TM-8)

The hayabusa if you want to ask is just a smoother operating JLF, it has a slightly longer engage/throw.

That is not true, im hitting the diagonals better with the octo for shmups than the square for sure.

LOL, actually that is all in your head pal, you have less room to hit the diagonals. You want maximum room for diagonals with shmups or any game stick to a square gate.
What you are doing is feeling out for directions, which is the last thing you should do in a shmup.

I didnt make this thread to debate gate preference. Unless you have used these actuators and can tell me why instead of, “dont waste your time”. I’ve read a modded JLF works way better than Seimitsu sticks.

You are just pouring money for piece-meal mods of a sub-par joystick.
If you add up all the parts what they cost you plus all the shipping costs, you could of gotten a better joystick from the get go.
There no reason to even waste the money for a octogate just to play shmups in the first place, I could see fighters using a octo gate as you need to do quarter and half circle movements, but its a waste of time and money in a shmup where the gate would do nothing for you.

Did you made this thread to get info, get more information possibly from people who know more than you or do you want confirmation for your own bias?

Oh spare me the irony. Anyway, you’re set on ignore.

Your lost, not mine

Lag threads, gate threads… and no one wants to actually have a scientific conversation in any of them.

I played on the brawl stick for a good month. It couldn’t hit diagonals with the square gate because the stick is garbage. The microswitches were too short or poorly secured. If you ever played on a jlf, you’d know how bad the brawl stick is. You should really listen to dark sakul. He gave you a real a in depth answer that’s mostly based on fact more than opinion.

Thanks for your help but it seems some people want confirmation for their bias rather than hear any info.

It’s like you were given all the right answers to the algebra test, but you thought reading your history book would get you an A on the math exam.

FWIW, I played on a stock MadCatz SE stick for about 6 months. It was mostly fine, had a good tension to it but the gate was a little bit off so I couldn’t hit the down back corner without filing the gate down a little. The buttons were pretty good though, until I stretched the springs in the switches to make them less sensitive. If I hadn’t tampered with them, they’d have lasted longer.

JLF clones can be ok, but they aren’t manufactured to the margins Sanwa levers are. I have a few JLW clones that are pretty decent. Swap out the switches and shaft for replacements and you have a really good alternative to the JLW. Reason being, the switches are ass, and the shaft is made to use a hex nut at the bottom instead of an e-clip. Makes for lubing the pivot a bit more of a hassle, but then that’s why you buy a Paradise JLW hollow shaft replacement.

Well didn’t even know this was about a clone JLF until I reread the OP, I must be really damn tired if I didn’t read that. Don’t bother with it kid, just buy a new joystick, Darksakul is right. I hear Seimitsu sticks are better for SHMUPs, like Darksakul said again, than the JLF anyways so try one of those, I don’t really like the LS-32 tbh, but the LS-40s are great imo. Yet to try the LS-56 tho. Also square gate makes it easier to hit diagonals because of the very nature of the design, I’d keep that and adjust to it and you’ll eventually wouldn’t want to look back. Try a new joystick first and then think about adjusting it since clones tends to be subpar compared to their main counterparts, you’ll be surprised on what other joysticks has to offer if you think your current joystick is good. I also don’t like the JLF that much either tbh, just fyi.

I had diagonal issues (up-left specifically) with the brawl stick jlf clone also. It’s usable, but definitely something you should replace, especially since you’re already going to be paying shipping already anyways.

The kowal actuator is a good choice for the jlf and Hayabusa (both have way too long an engage point and throw for my liking in stock form ), but really I have to agree that seimitsu is a better choice if you want tight engage and short throw. The ls -56 is the way to go of you want to use an octagonall gate.

Still there no reason to waste time or money on a octagonal gate for Shmups. Most shmups don’t require circular movements.

reading comprehension isnt very good on this forum is it?

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