Overture 3 - Vancouver, UBC - Street Fighter IV / Smash Brothers Tournament

Subject to major Editing

I was asked by the Competitive Video Game Club at UBC in Vancouver to see the general interest in having a Console (PS3 and 360) Street Fighter IV tournament. They hold, guilty gear and smash brother tournaments as well.

This post will be edited depending on how many responses are generated. They are thinking of holding Overture 3 sometime late May or early June depending on scheduling. This tournament will most likely feature smash brothers but they now have 4 setups for SFIV a maybe a few Tournament Edition Fightsticks.

I’ll be updating but just a show of posts… who would be interested?

PS. http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?p=6379626#post6379626
this was the link for overture using smashboards as the main thread. I will work between both threads if this gets enough attention

Does this site have canadian people on it or am i in the wrong forum? Either that or no one really like SF4 in vancouver enough to give a shout out XD