Overwhelmed learning to play Alpha games(noob)

So Im just learning how to play fighting games in general. Of course like any other kid I had fooled around with Street fighter 2 but I was never serious. Now I want to get good at these games but they’re much more overwhelming than I thought.

Are there some good posts around the forums on just some fighting game overviews? In addition, I’d like some specific info on the Alpha games as I just picked up the anthology.

I looked over the stickys but didn’t see a typical noob guide for a3 besides the Q and A. Is a2 a better game than a3? I want to get the low down on the different versions and why some people prefer one game over another. Any info on sf3 would be good too though I know I’m posting in an Alpha thread. I just picked up the anniversary collection as well.

I’m just a huge noob as I’ve never really played any fighting games at all and with all the info out there, I’m just really overwhelmed. I don’t know where to begin.


This right here is all your A2 needs and good to start with. RSX and some other people made a really awesome thread for everything A2. <3

I used James Chen’s guide(jchensor) on gamefaqs for Alpha 3. It kinda sorta helped me understand some things. Best thing is to just play it on like GGPO, and for things you dont understand about the game and its mechanics, go read his guide.

You can also try here: http://www.shoryuken.com/wiki/index.php/Street_Fighter_Alpha_3

Imo yes, everyone in A2 feels more balanced because everyone has a custom combo at level 1 for retarded ass amounts of damage, thats also scrub-friendly to do lol. That, and the juggling in A3 really threw me off when i started to play. If you played oldschool ST, then A2 might be better off to get familiar with.

And 3S is hot garbage :slight_smile:

I don’t like how random Valle VC can mess up your footsies in A2. You have to be paranoid all the time.

Counter cc ftw, also baiting it is great. Once you get into A2 you just sorta “know” when a random cc is coming. Of course everyone gets hits by it once in a while but it rarely happens in high lvl play.

Alpha 2 is more balanced imo, not just cause the simpler system, but even the character roster. That being said, A3 is more technical with the VCs and crouch/walk cancels really challenges your execution, which is a good thing. Though is it just not a normal SF game to me cause the system is too off. A2 is closer to the SF2 series, just added in ccs and acs, while A3 if more of its own thing with all the different thing present in that game. Either way, its all a matter of preference more than which is better, cause that argument goes either way.

3S defies all SF. They jump, I uppercut, they parry and combo me, Fireballs are useless. Goes against all SF I know, I just can’t get into it.

Well, A3 is the same way. You can’t just DP everytime someone jumps in if they’re using V-ISM. Activation is basically a parry that uses meter and results in 40-100% damage. You just have to be more varied in your defense/offense. There’s a reason why most top players in A3 and 3S will go air-to-air to anti-air whenever possible or position themselves so they can walk back/under and punish (not that that doesn’t happen a lot in every game anyway).

I can say for sure that A2 is easier to pick up though. I know lots of A3 players that are good at A2, but not many who are the other way around

Thats true, which is why counter vc is good also.

What is Valle VC? The first thing I thought of, lol, since I do MMA outside gaming is Valle tudo.

Edit: What is a good way to train for parrying in 3s? I know I can just have ryu throw fireballs at me but is there anything more interesting?

When you activate, it freezes the opponent in place for a few frames. If they’re standing up when you activate, they won’t be able to switch to a low block in time. It’s more effective in A2 than A3 because of the way activates propel you forward in A2, and also because of how long range sweeps throw the enemy into a juggle state instead of an immediate knockdown one.

That isn’t to say that Valle VCs aren’t still effective in A3, but you generally don’t have to worry about them except in close quarters.

Yup, but you can counter cc or dp if you are standing, which is very difficult. Also there are blowout ccs, if you are extremely close and attacking with a normal or not blovking you get “blown back” which lets the opponent hit you. But same thing, can be counter cc. Alot more goes into it also, baiting ccs is rather easy vs most people.

Dont let all the combos and cancels and vc’s get you frazzled, When I first played Alpha3 I just played it like good old street fighter 2 and it seemed the same to me except with the super combos, then I learned how to air recover, juggle, do a few combos , then a few easy vc’s then some advanced vc’s and combos into supers, then crouch cancels, heck its been 8 years and Im still learning. Unless your wanting to compete seriously just have fun and pick things up as you go.

So I’ve been playing a lot of 3s lately but since I’ve moved to SFA for a while I’m noticing that its much more difficult to perform special moves, chains and combos and all that good stuff. I even had some problems throwing out a simple hadouken.

Is this some option that I can turn off or is it just me acting crazy?

Even though I’m learning I already want to buy a stick :stuck_out_tongue:

Should be the same, only thing that is different in those games is Ryu’s dp is nowhere near as lenient as ken or akumas. Same shit other than that.

Alpha 2 I would recommend for noobs. I pretty much quit playing video games after the SF2 era (besides MK3–what was i thinking?). This game bought me back. Alpha 1 sucks. Alpha 3 is more technical. But really you should go from SF2HDR to SF4.

unfortunately I’m lacking a next gen system so I can’t play those :frowning: Hopefully in a few months I will buy one. Either way, I’m still learning how to play fighting games so its all good.

I just ordered the Hori ex 2 stick though today so i’ll be able to do ggpo and 2df which should be loads of fun. I also ordered swap magic discs for my ps2 so i’ll be able to play all those games that I can’t buy that are too old (or rediculously overpriced:::MvC2).

Should be a fun holiday season.

Edit: Where can I find more info on Guy besides the L2P a2 sticky. I can’t find a normal move breakdown there or in the wiki.

I know he isn’t high tier, but Guy is bad ass. Final Fight was awesome.

A2 is easier, but dont play it cause that. Play the one you like more. A2 isnt going to help you in A3 any. Just the basics. Which you are better off learning in A3 if thats what you want to play.

I wouldn’t recommend starting with Guy if you’re still sketchy on fundamentals. He’s very execution-heavy, and his jumps work very differently from everyone else. A2 is fine for learning basics, but the hitboxes are very different, and the damage difference is huge. A2 tends to encourage more defensive play because one errant hit can do a lot of damage, whereas it’s not a big deal in A3.

Shotos, Sagat, Charlie, Sakura, Karin, Cammy are all really good for learning basics.

Fundamentals in what way? Like knowing when to attack and when to pull back?

Footsies, when to jump-in, wake-up games, punishing techs, etc.

exactly why I said better off playing the game you will actually end up playing XD

also equally a n00b In what situations exactly would you look for a jump in? I mean i do a fair amount of poking and jumping in. I’m pretty fond of using guile and sometimes i think i’ve got it right then a sonic boom will completely whiff and I get a face full of shoryuken. Also, i try to play wakeup games and usually eat more shoryuken. Lets say that i’m the kind of player that struggles to beat the computer at 4 stars, especially shotos :sweat: