OVR06 XVSF RANKING - Information for anyone interested


For years my website has been home to a ranking system to
determine who’s tops within who plays with us. It’s a simple
system but there’s kinks constantly being reworked to make
things more entertaining. We hold Round Robin’s with about
4-5 people on average. We play 2of3 or 3of5 and at the end
of each Round Robin, totals are tallied and ranked. The total
number of wins is divided by the total number of matches
played and you’re ranking according to your win percentage.
Someone might point out a flaw but it’s worked for years on
a small scale.

The reason I feel this works so well is that we have such a
close knit group of guys that play consistantly so we’re able
to have consistant results and rankings, without one person
showing up and only having 5 matches while others have 20
or more matches under their belt.

For anyone interested in joining our little band of merry men,
take a couple things into concideration. You have to play often.
If you play and only play once, I’ll drop your results. I dont want
someone that’ll just show up once or twice, you have to be there
for the long haul and be available to play. Also, we play strictly on
Kawaks. I know a lot of people have issues with Kawaks and if
you do, simply stop reading now. There’s no point in replying to
this thread saying, “Play on Mame” ‘cause we’re not. It’s as simple
as that. We’re not gonna’ change how we play to accomidate you.
For now, the ranking system is strictly X-Men vs Street Fighter
(US 961004) on Kawaks 1.56.

Details on the ranking system and this season are on the page
and also explain how things are balanced and the race to the
championship. Feel free to read and if you have any feedback on
how I could improve the system, feel free to let me know.

Count me IN.

I own evert one in that list freee

Hey, has anyone “evert” told you that you’re cool?

It doesn’t say what day and other information you guys play on.

Since it’s on such a small scale and we’re all buddies, we’ll hold a round robin whenever we have about 4 or more people online.

What other information to do you need?

How do you contact everyone? And what server do you guys play on?

Id like in. Same question as Musashi tho.

PM me your screen name’s or post 'em here.

When I see you guys online and we have about 4 or more people, I’ll see if everyone wants to play.

When dose this start? My aim is on my profiel and i added you on mine.So lets get this thing going.