Owen Groesser is the great white hope





So it looks like we got another Jason McElwain on our hands. I like how he is bringing back the old school of fundamentals, which are sorely needed in a time were people have trouble focusing on anything that isn’t showboating, photo ops, and flashing lights. But seriously, what do you guys think about handicapable people participating in regular sporting events?


The coolest thing about this guy is even if he doesn’t consistently turn in a legendary performance, nobody can say shit. If the team an off day and his teammates give him a hard time, he can just say “I’m retarded. What’s your excuse?”


I now know two white Basketball players, Larry Bird you got a friend!


damn who knew admitting you’re retarded could sound so gangster? that would be pretty baller


Read the OP, and this is all I could think of


If they have the goods, they should.


I’d like to see if he could make those shots against some actual defense.


If he keeps it up maybe he can get an endorsement deal. [details=Spoiler]





Sense of humor? No man, cuss the shit out of everybody just like KG does. :annoy:

Then learn Street Fighter and cuss the shit out of Broly Legs and that Japanese guy who wanted to play Daigo. :badboy:


This is an example of one of those times where I get it… buuuuut I don’t get it.

Sometime in our lives we’ve all heard something along the lines of “hey don’t call them retards. You’re not better than them. They’re human beings just like everyone else.” Well, ok, fine, how many other benchwarmers do you see on Sportscenter for making 2 shots in garbage time? Also I get that it’s special, but I don’t get it. It’s not as if he’s a quadriplegic that walked onto the court and shot a 3. THAT would be some amazing shit. I understand that kids with Down’s Syndrome have trouble developing fine motor skills, but doing something like this is not out of the question. So again, I get it, but I just don’t get it.

I’d love to see his Downy commercial though. “Get your bedsheets as soft and smooth as Owen’s jumpshot.”


I think it is so cruel to make a spectacle out of him just because of his condition.
Isn’t the fact he is going to be euthanized and processed when he turns 18 punishment enough?
I mean, yes, him breeding would be terrible, and yes, those sausages will be delicious, but do we really have to take away his dignity?


damn the internet sure loves retards playing basketball

also, J-Mac is an asshole IRL


“Dah-dah, why we retar…retar…retardeded?”

“Well, you see sweetie, one day daddy angered god on an internet forum…”


They’re American 7th and 8th graders. They can use the same excuse.


I would pay top dollar to see a 7 foot black guy reject his jump shots and just rub it in


Why did Owen get his Driver’s license taken away?

[details=Spoiler]He sped.




That’s nice.