Take this jeff, you cocky little fuck, eat it and choke:


how do we know YOU werent the one that got perfected? :rolleyes:

These VS noobs still don’t realize that perfecting someone in a VS game means nothing, because it only takes two combos, and requires no effort in stock building or anything like that. All you’d have to do is get one of the characters into an infinite, then hope to catch him again in an infinite when his other character comes into the match after the first one died…it’s so easy.

remind me to never play on kaillera with you. You have AIM AND msn open at the same time… and people wonder why some opponents lag more than others…

Now THAT’S ownage.

…I think this post has more in the way of ownage.

I have AIM and msn open constantly…it really doesn’t cause lag, unless people are constnatly messaging you mid-game, or you’re transferring using it.

^I tend to disagree with Emil most of the time, but I have to agree with AIM and MSN doing little to lag on kaillera.

Haha, if you look at the time remaining in the match, it’s 78 seconds…this means that, most likely, he won using only two combos…big whoop. It could have even been possible that Jeff guy was typing right before he got infinited, which I see often these days.

Inifnites are retarded. It takes the fun out of the game and I’m sure it also goes against the motivation behind those games. The other guy was probably bored and went to kitchen when he started to infinite the other guy’s first player and came back after stealing a cookie and go “dude.”

hmmm…why is that server giving out create game messages in MOTD…what server is it. Its…“not normal.”

Mr. Renagade? When you’re deflating egos, sarcasm beats rage everytime. The rapier over the blunt instrument and all.

Having IM programs open does little to nothing to affect the lag.
Only the first time someone messages you, will you notice anything substantial (when the window starts flashing).
After that, any other messages will generally go unnoticed.
Only outgoing/inbound (downloading something or sending something) transfers will greatly affect your game.
Having browsers open seems to be a bad idea as well.

On topic though, why the hell do you play in such a small window?
And nobody cares if you owned some random guy nobody knows. Save this kind of shit for GodWeapon chat.

I used to play in small window too when my comp couldn’t handle full screen but now my new comp can.

Can’t people use normal nicks on Kaillera? Take your ugly ass 30-character ASCII semi-sentences and go fuck yourself. The chat window is already small enough without your stupid fucking name that nobody can read.

Clan SS 4 life, bitches! Neg rep coming your way, dArK_rEnAgAdE! Best believe it!

…just kidding.

That’s Godweapon, but all emulinker servers do that.

Ok Emil if you think getting a perfect is so fucking easy then come perfect me in XvS or any game. Its not happening.
And no he wasn’t typing before the match got a fucking cookie or any thing. he was trying to win and no i didnt infinit him to death. I actually did some mad crazy resets and semi infin’sa. if your not good enough to do what i do plz stfu.

Thats what i thought

If you’re so uber-mega-super awesome, then why do you feel the need to confirm your ego by

A: making a thread about perfecting someone no-one has heard?

B: actually reading something into the fact emil didn’t reply to your post in 2 days. If you saw someone win in a tag game in 21 seconds, wouldn’t you presume it was a infinite win?

Maybe they won with resets or had good damage on there supers. Also I 've ownd hella known players in xvs.
Joker, Prozac nation, Liquid metal x, Astral (actually perfected him) Cemantics, Lui kang T-kimura, Mr.essa,Chill.

I can go for days if felt like it.

Also numb nuts this isnt just a thread of me its for any one who wants to post a screen shot of them owning some one.