Owned. Car bomb training blows up in their faces




The moral of the story?

Be careful when you’re doing dirt, because you might get done in while you’re doing it.



and somewhere in the wind you can hear



he still killed 21 people.


The news reporter I heard giving this story related it as if it was still a tragedy, giving me hope that perhaps the entire world isn’t encrusted over with scum that rejoices at the death of another human being. :tup:


don’t mind starhammer, he’s too busy fapping to shit animu.




although a sad waste of human life due to brainwashing and stupidity.


if ur gunna go out, go out with a bang


It’s not about rejoicing over their deaths. It’s about rejoicing that people who had real intent to take the lives of others by taking their own will not be able to carry that out.


his teachings were sound, but he should’nt have used the real thing on practice runs.

FOOL! I fap to lame flames, and right now you’re giving me a hard on.

pretty much this. I’m laughing at the epic fail of someone who had the intention of causing deadly harm to a lot of innocent people, and wanted to teach others how to do it. The powerful irony of exactly how this person(s) died and/or harmed themselves is too much for me to resist.



Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-MONSTER KILL!


Sunni student: Teach! You da bomb!


To be fair the class was pass/fail and they definitely did one of them.


had to use that gif again


Oh, I just wanted to clarify, that I did not intend to say that StarHammer is scum.

Unless he’s a Muslim. :rofl:



It is a tragedy that these people found themselves in a situation where they thought that there was nothing better they could with their lives than learn how to take other lives by making cowardly incendiary devices.

It is profoundly hilarious and deeply gratifying that they blew their own fuck faces off before getting a chance to do unto others.


:tup: muslims are okay, but terrorists suck. A bunch of Ultimate haters that group. :tdown:

EDIT: I ain’t trying to start nothin’ with debo.

Until I get a brick. :rofl:



For once something we can agree on.

I only wish there were American “Freedom Fighters” nearby so they could give the survivors a proper burial.

Either way, they had a blast.


To give the survivors a burial?


I believe the more appropriate word might have been terrorists or future murderers.


so does that mean no homework?