Owned Part 2

I own you all with 1 finger you fucking hillbillys


For all of you that have no clue as to what i am saying i have proved it in lot of different languages.


I vous possder tout avec 1 doigt vous foutus hillbillys


I Sie allen mit 1 Finger besitzen Sie bumsende hillbillys

errrr italian

I possederli tutti con 1 barretta voi hillbillys scopanti

If you have any problems email me at OWNING@hotmail.com

Ps captain ryu is still a duddudtaduh hahahah

your german is babel-fish-rific. :rofl:

Go back to Gamefaqs.com kid. Saotome plz close this shit…

where? Whats gamefags? are you a premier member?#

Alright, Let’s cut the crap. I challenge you to a Yu-gi-oh duel. :arazz:

Yeah…When you stick it up your ass.

whats your obsession with sticking things up peoples asses? EH?

What’s your obsesion with trolling and making pontless threads? EH? You couldn’t own anyone…You could only own your self by sticking your finger up your own ass.

you can smack talk you when you learn daigo type skills to match me

Why do people always compare them selfs to Daigo? He isn’t some sort of god you know. He’s just an excelent player like every other japanese person. Why don’t you post up a match video then we can all see how good you are? You seem to want us to know, so why not ey?

Isn’t that obvious Dash? When smack talkers are ask to put up or shut up, they talk even more smack… but still pussy out. Like SFMaster (who is obviously a pretty standard troll) is going to do for your amusement.

your not worthy of seeing my skillz coz your from a backwater county called wales

hands up who’s got alpha 2 on the snes

its not like this is even trolling, he’s just joking around and the worst thing you could do is take him seriously. btw demon dash im back on msn now if you want some games ;D

i have it on emulator. not as good. cool avatar by the way. smashed chun-taters. :wink:

I have it on emu LOL a cartridge with loading - awesome …:lol: .

this thread is…:lol: :lol: :rofl:

lol @ him thinking I wanna see his “skills”.
I don’t like Alpha 2, I just couldn’t get into it. Probably because I played A3 first but … meh just wasn’t doing it for me.

And no Cody = BOOOOOOOOO


Also, since when was Wales considered a county?

Dahh, lame excuse, lame excuse. You just lost, you just failed at life. Oh well, I was looking forward to seeing your so called Daigo skills. But since I’m from a back water city then it’s obvious I’m not worthy isn’t it? Or maybe it’s just obvious you have no skills and brag about it on the internet to help structure the idiotic reality you live in. Grow up and get a life you fucking loser.

You got a problem with clocks? lol
Anyway Yes clock man posted because I was bored and needed a laugh - this thread is ideal.

This just confused the hell out of me. Thought I posted in a different thread, this was somewhere else too.