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whatever, just had to say it.



Sentinels are fodder anyway. There was no reason for him to have so much health.


The change better reflects the big ball of plastic nature of Sentinels in the Marvel universe, if the old MvC Sentinel was in the comics, there’d be none of them left :X

The health is too low, yes. Before, the health was too high, and we patiently just dealt with it. I Hope Sent players can feel the same way.

I can’t say I’m surprised, because the Changes to Mag and Storm clearly demoted them from God tier. It took them till the first patch to do the same thing to Sentinel, that’s all.

I’ll always have fond memories of loosing my entire team to X-Factor Sentinel, but now is not the time for reminiscing, it’s the time to step your game up.


I hope you know that you can still lose your entire team to an xfc sentinel. His HP was nerf’d, not his damage. The only difference now is that you wont see people mashing S or cr.M all the time. Players in general need to learn to mix-up highs and lows and learn to block high and low. This game isn’t broken, people just want everything to be easy mode for them.


Silly Capcom, you nerfed the wrong attribute! It’s his damage that’s retarded, not his health. Now how will he deal with all of the instant overheads? :slight_smile:


the people that knew how to play him are just going to drop him for the new most broken shit. ggs scrubs.


From what im hearing those Who actually knew how to use sent are sticking too him.
It’s the “scrubs” that are dropping him


you dont know shit about fuck.


:clapdos: 70% of the Sent users are going to drop him now :slight_smile:
The only reason people used him as much as they did was because of his assist AND dmg+hp…


Mag and storm demoted??? What game do you play and who do you play this game with???

ROM > gravity squeeze



What changes to Magneto and Storm?

Imo, both were untouched, at least there is nothing on Magneto and Storm forums about changes…


I think he’s talking about the transition from mvc2 to mvc3


Storm’s super is not the best in the game. Her whirlwind is way slower, and does less hit stun. So whirlwind xx hail storm is not as good of a tactic. The super get beat by a lot. Storm is still good in this game, but definitely not god tier. She doesn’t do enough damage.


Give it some time, Storm is too good with resets, once people have a good feeling for the game she will be god tier


Storm is a slut


DHC trick says hi.