Owners of both ps3 and xbox?

Do you own both sf iv versions? Is there any noticeable difference in: gameplay/graphics/online experience? Just wanted to know, I have the ps3 version and wonder if I should get the xbox version as well. what are most Shoryuken members on?

Gameplay is exactly the same.
Gfx comparison is here: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/46276.html
Don’t know about online experiences though. :slight_smile:

I would like to know also if most people are on the PS3 version or Xbox360. I have both consoles as well and I just went with the PS3 Version since my PS3 does not get alot of use.

i usually seem to have a harder time searching for a match on PS3.

If you’re worried about available players online, the Xbox version would probably be a better pick.

That being said, it takes me a while to finish arcade mode with request turned on for ps3. seems like plenty of people are searching, just not hosting. but i would asume its about the same for xbox, not sure how long it would take to finish an arcade play through on 360… just havent done it yet.

My experience with PS3 hosting versus searching is the opposite of yours. Every time I search I get at least one hit and most times I get three. Usually after a two or three tries, I get to join a match. The times I tried to host instead of searching, no one came to join. I don’t have a XBox360 version to compare against it (might rent one soon just for the heck of it to find out).

lol i did the same because I felt bad for my lonely PS3.

I have to agree, i t seems like it takes me 2 or 3 tries to get an online match which is why I was asking. Anyone primarily on xbl care to comment? I know on ssf2hdr on xbl, i seem to get a match instantly…

I have both and typically (90%+) the 360 version is better. Its easier to get a match online on the 360 for the most part and multiplatform games are typically slightly better from a framerate graphics standpoint.

There are rare occasions where the ps3 version may be preferable (burnout paradise comes to mind) or mirrors edge where the controller bumpers are better on the ps3 controller but these are exceptions. For street fighter IV the game just loads slower on ps3 than the 360 version even if its installed.

On PS3, you need to do the optional install (it’s under system settings for the game IIRC). Once you do that, the load times are drastically reduced and are comparable to XBox360 from what I am told. They should have just made it a mandatory install. It only takes 5 minutes and a few GB of space.

But you can install the game on the XBOX 360 too and the load times will be about the same.
I rented both versions before I purchased the 360 version. Graphically the 360 had a noticeable slight edge, but then again I’m an AVS enthusiast. I’ve read from the producer that the PS3 version actually down scales the resolution when an ultra is performed (zoom in effect), there is an article on the web about this somewhere. Online seems like a better experience on the 360, never really having a problem finding a match.
Another thing to note is SFIIHD remix is graphically better on the 360, colors and anti-aliasing. The characters look a lot smoother on the 360. It’s much more noticeable with this game then SFIV. I’m also judging this on my Panasonic 50" 720p plasma (calibrated), your mileage may vary.