Owners of hori real arcade pro 3

Can someone explain the buttons for the top part, the grey ones? I just got it but not sure about the configs… Thanks…

Bah, just look at vznine’s answer


one is a turbo button, you hold it down and press the button you want to activate it for. if you hold and press that button again it will keep the button held down in turbo mode, and once more will turn it off

these buttons are for the ps3:
the 2nd one is the home button
3rd L3
4th R3

the switch on the far left switches between modes for the stick, top is digital, middle is analog and the last one is analog too i think? im not really sure about the last one

Far left switch is to change modes as VXNINE stated, they are digital, left analogue stick, right analogue stick.

Hope that helps.