Owners of the Focus Attack Torii?

Anyone here own a Torii, and what are your thoughts on the stick?

Thinking of picking one up - but I can’t find a whole lot out there in terms of reviews on the company and the stick itself. Including using the search function here.

Any feedback, pro’s and con’s are appreciated.

Just got mine in the mail a few days ago. Really loving the shape of the chassis and the panel layout. I’m not typically a fan of Vewlix layouts but the placement is very similar to a stick like the VSHG (low so your wrists are resting on the edge of the chassis) which makes it much more comfortable.

The only real complaint I have with it so far is that the metal used for the chassis is just a bit too thin for my tastes; the bottom plate had some slight bends in it out of the box, which is easy enough to fix, but not exactly what I want to see when I open up my $300 custom. I’m most likely going to be adding a ton of adhesive weights to give the stick a more solid feel, but overall I am highly impressed with it so far.