Oxnard Brawl Tournament - 7/26/08 - Oxnard, CA

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Due to the lack of interest in Crews, I decided to reorganize and reschedule my tournament. The 3 on 3 Crew Battle on June 17th is now officially cancelled. Instead I’m going to be holding a standard Singles and Doubles tournament. Here are the rules:

No items
Double Elimination
3 stock, 7 minute time limit, 2/3 games
Semi-finals and finals 3/5 games
Semi-random seeding
1st stage random neutral, counterpick/character select 2nd & 3rd
You may ask for a double-blind character selection at the start of each match

Neutral Stages
Final Destination
Yoshi’s Island

Counterpick Stages
Pokemon Stadium 1
Delfino Square
BattleShip Halberd
Lylat Cruise
Rainbow Cruise
Frigate Orpheon
Luigi’s Mansion
Castle Seige

Singles - $7
Doubles - $10
Both - $15

Prizes - Singles and Doubles
1st: 70% of pot
2nd: 20%
3rd: 10%

If 32 or more
1st: 60%
2nd: 25%
3rd: 10%
4th: 5%

Tournament will be located at "Caf on A / Rudy Acua Art Gallery"
438 S. A Street
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 487-8170 <----The Gallery’s # that we will be using on tournament day
Google Map
It’s right behind the movie theater, there’s parking in the back
Sign-ups and casuals start at 10:00 am
Doubles starts at 12:00 pm
Singles starts at 4:00 pm
Estimated to end around 9:00pm

Places nearby:
Plaza Stadium Cinemas 14
Cold Stone Creamery
Starbucks Coffee
Thai Peru
Caf Escobar
5th Street Steak & Seafood

You’re all very welcome to bring as many consoles, games TVs, and food you want. I won’t have any additional equipment for casuals during the tournament, so you guys are on your own with that. Whatever you decide to do, please be respectful of the art gallery. Throwing away your trash will be much appreciated. For those curious, we will not be serving tea or coffee as this place is now primarily an art gallery. We will probably be selling water, sodas, candy, etc. There are currently 70 players signed up for this tournament, so it’s gonna be pretty big. If you think you can take on the big guys like DSF and Futile then try your luck because we’re gonna be playing for some good money at this tournament.

Click here about getting free registration or free drinks/chips/candy

If you’re doing semi-random seeding does that mean its going to be pools first then the bracket?

Its still over a month away but I’ll definitely try to make it.