Ozhadou.net Australian Videos Thread (3rd Strike/ST)

There’s already a thread on this in 3s forums, but since more people read FGD and the vids now include ST, I think a thread here to post updates in would be a good idea.

Videos from our 3S and our (first ever) ST tournaments, as well as some T5 and old CvS2 footage can be found at


so if something has no seeds feel free to request someone seed it in this thread.

I will be uploading these videos to megaupload/similar sites sporadically for those who dislike/can’t use BT. Request anything particular you want.

All comments and constructive criticism, particularly with ST as our scene just started when Daine bought an arcade board welcome!

special thanks Daine and Ziggy

  • eks

Thanks Ekin. DLing the ST stuff now.

How is the supergun going?

any ibuki players?

There are 3 (!) Ibuki players on display in the Syd_3s_Ranbat_#7 video.

CigarBoB - I think we’re just waiting on the harness at this point… I believe my friend has got the other components we need. Will keep you updated as progress continues!

Cant hardly download any of them :frowning:

I tried seeding the one I got but I cant seed any of the one im trying to download :confused:

The latest 3s Sydney RanBat 2.5 is available for download here via filefront: http://hosted.filefront.com/jackkkkk

I’ve uploaded Ranbat 2.3 here -> http://files.filefront.com/Syd_3s_RANBAT_23avi/;4529218;;/fileinfo.html

Ranbat 7 next right?? :smiley:

as requested - http://files.filefront.com/Syd_3s_RANBAT7avi/;4553712;;/fileinfo.html

ranbat 2.6 uploaded

I’m having trouble playing these - what do you use for compression?

i just use VLC Player (http://www.videolan.org/vlc)

…but I believe the codec is XviD MPEG-4 (thanks True Tech)


I’m not sure which codec, but I manage get it work when I install free-codecs, then I could see video 100%.

much appreciated, i love watching these vids, is it possible to make the vids like a direct stream from the machine like the japanese ones or center it up top and zoom in behind the players? Also, I’ve noticed the editing in the past ones has been weird, it’ll like go from mid match to showing the grade, why is that?

Anyway, these vids are great, I love your Akuma player. Tell him to give me a shoutout! And keep them up on filefront that place is great!

i cant believe ppl actually watch our vids heh. im the akuma player btw, thanks for the props.

yeah if i have some free time i’ll watch before bed

3.1 is updated now, thanks to TSC!


Thanks to TSC! We have updated Ranbat 3.2 now!!!


Any Necro or Alex players in these?


NM, just caught the latest one, that Alex was pretty damn good, I liked his style. :tup: :tup: for beasting through til the end with him.

yea man, that Alex(Cody) player is soooooo dame good.
Cody is our no. 1 player atm~