P 360 for MvC2 Cab

I was wondering if anyone knew how to wire p360’s on a MvC2 arcade cabinet. It currently has regular competiton sticks and I wanted to add p360’s to it. Any help would be great, thanks.

Run a 5 volt line from the jamma harness or directly of the power supply to the red wire and a ground to the black. Other directions are normal.

Anyone got any pics of where exactly I run the 5 volt line from. I see the white naomi box and then theres a board right next to it with a bunch of wires coming from it(the borad where you can turn up the volume) and then theres the power box.

And also theres a couple of red wires that lead to the buttons/sticks. There also a bunch of wires that dont seem to be used?

Is the cab jap or american? You can grab the 5 volts directly off of the power supply labled +(positive)5 volts. I have a jap cab where the only way to get the power is to tap into a 5V line somewhere as the cab has connectors that I cant attain that easily.

The power supply. Follow the AC power cable where it plugs into the wall. Follow it to the cabinet, past the power switch, to the isolation transformer (metal piece a little smaller than your fist). You’ll see the two wires from the wall going to one side of the transformer, and two pair on the other side. One of those pair will go up to the monitor, and the other with go to a power supply, probably a small box metal box with a whole bunch of holes all over it, and a bunch of screw terminals with wires of different colors coming out. On the side, it should label with of those terminals are which voltage (ground, +5, +12, -5, whatever). The one labelled +5 (probably the one with all the red wires to it), is the one you want.

See the round things that the screw terminal holds on to? They have wires crimped on just like the spade QD’s you’re used to for the switches, but instead its got a big ass hole in the middle so it doesnt slide off. You need another one of those. Get a long wire (5-6 feet, stranded, for the love of god. 24 guage will work, as long as the p360 or 2 p360’s are ALL that will ever be powered by that line), and crimp a new round terminal on the end. Remove the screw holding the existing terminals on, add your new terminal, and screw it back on solid. Run that wire to your control panel, and attach the red wire from the p360 to the wire you just ran however you like. Use the four directions directly to the little spade connections on the p360, and connect the black p360 wire somewhere to the ground wire used on all of the buttons and original stick.

Thanks again tdc, so if I want to have 2 p360’s attached would I then have to use 2 red wires from the same terminal(one for each stick)? If not, how could I use the 1 24 guage wire for both sticks?