P G L 3

For those of you who don’t know what the title means, it’s Philly Gamer’s Lounge. This is the 3rd incarnation of a mighty thread, who predecessors reached well over 1000 posts. Now it’s gone… Forever, along with all the other great threads. I will miss them all. But from the dust will rise a new, greater future…

My first subject/ question to all of you guys…

What are your plans for this summer? I know alot of us will be moving onto college, and others not. But what will you make of this summer? Senior year, and the school year in fact is quickly ending and some of us will part on our seperate ways. So?

Well Well, PGL 3 is here…and it’s gonna be better than PGL 2!
Well I don’t know what I’m doing for summer, its whatever comes up.
:mad: MUST HAVE CS…!!!

First off, for those of you who know me, then u know me. For those of u who don’t, well, i just don’t have the time thankyou very much…jk…

This year is over and it was fun. All 4 years at F.L.C we all did basically nothing. It was so cool. well, in juse i gotto go off to a 2 day orientation at temple. Then I’m taking a road trip. I can’t go with the friends that i usually do stuff with cuz they have summer school. Maybe some of u guys wanna go. just call me up most of u have my number i think? After that i getz to work on my sk8ong skillz one more summer which is prob my last. We should all still find a way to chill together in the summer. I know its hot and all but places have air conditioning!!!:lol: then its off to college…

well sad to say, I most likely won’t see anybody anymore except tim, and alex only because I knew them all my life, and always have contact with them. For the rest of the guys yall will be moving on, and so will I. If everything goes right I will not be in philly the whole entire summer, I said this before on the old thread but oh well.

I will miss you all but what can I do, and I rather not try to have one last day together cause people won’t make it, and it will just be to messed up for some people to deal with emotionally, no not me but others maybe.

Umm, I plan to go to MWC with philly in june,south carolina to visit my cousin,atlanta to visit my other cousin, and the same place to my other. I know I will be driving this summer thank god!:o

Umm, but I don’t have much more to say but goodbye to all of you that are leaving or not, and it was nice knowing all of you guys while it lasted. Have a great summer and a great life.

Hey shadow, you know it’s funny how this summer or later on in fall when we look at this thread we won’t be on it no more, only hyper and the young ones. Wow it will be weired but I guess we all move on…:frowning:

But all is not so sad, it will be better things for us in the future so keep that smile up:)

Later Days…:cool:

Thats not a bad idea. Actually, I don’t think I’ll be doing summer school. I think I’m just gonna work alot. But I’ll still have time to do stuff. I’m actually thinking about picking up a recreational sport I once did again. I’m thinking skateboarding or roller blading. I must get more physically active…

I don’t know about you Brandon, but I’ll always be, or try to be, in contact with you guys. Just because college is coming up or whatever doesn’t mean everything comes to an end. This is the beginning of something new. I think I have a more optimistic view of things than you. But at least pessimism can mean some one has seen the truth.

Well you guys sure have a lot to say, and I’m not gonna be talking about school since I’m only a junior and I have another year, and thinking about that stuff is just to

Tru’s right, although its time for college, doesn’t mean everyone has to shut each other out, we can still hang out once in a while and stuff. Just have to know the right time and stuff.

And who is going paintballing again?..

man… I hope your right, cause it’s not like I wanna lose contact with any of you I mean I will still try. But, it seems like we will all lose contact even if we have phone numbers and stuff, well we shall see shadow, we shall see.

Umm, I to plan to get more physical, and build up my body to a much more pleasing size for me. I am tired of this body man, so things will come to a change.

well, bmd does have a point.We’re all so lazy that we prob won’t even call eachother. But i will chill with all of u guys whenever cuz i start drivin again real soon. u know what I know we’ll stay in contact. U make some of the best friends of ur life in high school. Once alex shows me that japanese style of fighting in cvs2 i’ll be at 40th alot and prob alpha cuz they hace a/c now…

interesting, such faith… very interesting

Yo Tim in the house …:cool: … man that face just aint koo like the old was was…:o anyway…

Hi everyone Timz back

Asphon I think i see u on the sub alot but i dont say anything cause not sure its u… is it u?

Tru man i ask of you to teach me the skill to own in cs. Im soooo wanting my ram which kind is that again? Iv been versing the Mod bots like crazy and im starting to own them (yea i still suck big) But hopefully in summer ill be gaming with u all.

Billy me and martina spoke bout u guys old skoo. man i truly feel bad all u guys went through schools like that should be burned. Mike Rob and Martina both not doing to good in skoo now… Hope u doing good. Martina said u were Hot last time she saw u lol u should have took her on the prom cause she fione!

Brandon yoyoyo bro. uv been posting that post for so long bout us all meeting =) im glad u feel that way cuase we really should meet more often. Too many evil influences out dere not to have us all hangin round. Plan something dont leave it all to me and alex =P Know ill always be there for you long as ya live by gods laws. if ya slip ill help ya but if you slip too many times you will notice i wont be round u that much. same goes for all my buds.

Alex we must preach about that incredibly realistic street fighter movie we saw. we had tears in our eyes over it. and it all made sooo much sense… Let me know bout the starcraft tourny man me and u would own. Dont forget bout the lil favor i asked of u teeheeeheeeheee And i got more songs on the cvs2 music edit i will one day make hehe

Kev enjoy flc like i was saying before capa sucks. 1 F u out. need i say more?

Hyper u owe me 5$!!! with the 5 i let u borrow u didnt have to rape me in cs thats not koo. dunno what else to say =P

Yup its late im bored chillen but i ask u all for little prayers my bro has lucemia and i ask u all to pray that everything goes according to gods plan. Thanx and c yaz:D

thanks tim, and yes i will say some prayers for your bro, i have known him too long, and if i didn’t i would not be doing good.

But i really hope he gets better man, and i know that god will be on yall side.

Also it would be nice for us to meet up tim, but you don’t understand it won’t happen i just know it, and if it does happen we all won’t enjoy it like we used to. Just face the truth i guess.

Soon we all will fade away:(

Hyper X has a big belly!!!

Tim, thats u? I kind of thought that was u but last time I saw u was at A1 and that place is always dark:lol: I didn’t know if that was u cuz u look a little like russel mixed wth rob so i have no idea whats goin on lately:eek: <i h8 thes smilees>Yo, guyz, i’ll be at A1 tonight around 8:30 to 9pm. I’m finished all my work and since I’ve been working hard all year I’ve missed out on alot of stuff and now theres nothing to do anymore in this city lately. I’m only goin there cuz they have a/c now.Guess who doesn’tg ive a f*** and has 2 thumb?? This guy!<cleverly points thumbs at himself>…


hey peeps, me and tim were playing snes games online with each other, we played mario all stars and contra so far, and we can use our dsl and cable modem this time, cause last time they didn’t have that option.

Man we are gonna download like 100’s of snes games and play them online together, yall can do it also. Just go to www.zsnes.com and go tohttp://home.no.net/qualroms/snes/snes.shtml

that site to get the games, and zsnes is the emulator, if some of yall do decide to get it, we can all play together, well up to 5 people, so imagine the fun. We are gonna get mariokart next and play, so yall can play with each other also if yall download it, and its so easy to work nothing hard. Well go check it out for yallselves if yall want. I am tryna give yall somethin to do if yall have time.

Man this thread is slow.:frowning:

anybody alive? Well i ain’t keepin this up no more i quit, yall better post:mad:

Yeah, that sounds fun. I’m gonna d/l it later.:slight_smile:

Yeah I’ll do that later too!

ya get pc controller too i want no excuses wh i murder u guys in some street fighter turbo :mad: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya find some 5 player games

Its really fun too no lag baby

we can have our own little tournies :smiley:

Hey guys, that sounds really fun, I’ll join in later too. But Brandon, whatsup with you man?

“Man, this thread is slow”

“anybody alive? Well i ain’t keepin this up no more i quit, yall better post”

Calm the hell down Brandon, not everyone’s first priority is to post on PGL 3, not even mines. Times have changed, and we all have to deal with it. You seem to keep being pessimistic as hell about it, and I’d like you to stop. Thanks.