P-Geese vs. K-Bison... yes, K-Bison



I’m having a serious problem with this. I can beat K-Bison fairly consistantly with N-Geese, but P-Geese suffers vs. Bison from the lack of the much needed mobility. K-Bison isn’t usually considered a threat, but only because that’s relative to A-Bison. I have no trouble with any other character with P-Geese except vs. K-Bison. Anyone wanna offer the low down?


I can’t do anything about his PCs… he never does them at a wrong time (sounds impossible…), and air fireballs get killed. The problem lies in staying in the ideal range for Geese (mobility issue). That’s why I can beat him in N. Bison is just 2 Fast 2 Furio… 2 Psycho. The player uses whiffed punches and shit himself, and his mix-up is grand.


And because of the mobility issue , the point in this matchup is to try to get him to come to u , which is exactly what he’s doing to u. No matter what, do not give in to his whiffed shit.