P Geese vs K geese analyse

ok P Geese:

Parry + counter just stop most of the new challenger. Rising storm keeps the enemy away and Neo deadly wave can almost chain to any move… So defense + Offense…defenately a good groove.

any opignon more?

K Geese:

With the run option, I can lure a medium good opponante to a easy trap. I kick him till he falls down first. from there, I run to him and start poking the hell outta him. as he fall down again, start poking him and let a fraction second open (not attacking). With the opponante half freak out, he’ll definately crouch FK you. This is where the counter become useful. Quickly, low counter its attack. A normal opponante will be fear of attacking from now on. From this point, they have 2 choices:

  1. always jump attack to prevent poking
  2. just keep crouching down and block, wait a good moment to counter back.

so from that prediction, I develop a counter for both:

for 1) High counter, raising storm or just High kick, it will counter it.
2) Just constanly poke him and run toward him…it WILL confuse him to death. and look for a opening to attack (low jump is a good suprise attack)

After I develop this trick and prediction, I tried vs human and a medium lvl player usually falls into it.

what do you think?

i think poor grammar and bad spelling makes an excellent combination attack. Why are there so many useless geese threads?

you have some good ideas :smiley:

Maybe it was @ night I guess…otherwise, I would have not done so many errors:confused: …

and what ya mean useless, I thought is nice to share new strat and tactics with other people!!

Let me break it down:

P-Geese = Turtle, Zone = very effective

K-Geese = Rush monster, Zone = very effective

End choice = either are good I perfer K

I use a K Geese. He’s great for scaring the shit out of anyone.