P groove AV request


I’m a P groove user in CvS 2 Live and i was wondering if anyone can make me an AV that describes the way i play. I always try to parry whatever is given to me and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t(usually super). You can be as creative as you want just as long as the mechanics of parrying is apparent in the AV.

Cham-cham: I don’t mean to bring you down. I like what you made me.I decided it doesn’t need to be Dan in the AV. Thanks for your work though.


i’m not mad or nothing… just had things that popped up and never got to really finishing it… thats whay i told anyone that had time to do it to take it… no worries… its cool… i’ll get to finishing something for you eventually… i hate not finishing what i start…

i know what you mean about the feel of it all… might have seen it before but this was my jd ave that i rocked for a bit.



Yo…that ones tight! Just replace the JD word with ‘PARRY’ and i’ll take it. Thanks.


Nothing personal but thats one of the av’s that i rock. I can’t just change the name out. I’ll work on a different idea for you but when i create a av, it is not cloned unless its not used.


My bad man. I’m lookin forward to the AV.