Geese in P-Groove is very interesting. I’m not talking about parrying into counters cause thats just as dumb as RC’ing Counters. All this talk about the Raging Storm makes me feel ill. Yes it does a ton of damage but against a good player it’s going to be really hard to get off, plus you have to time it just right IF the enemys even dumb enough to jump at you when you got a full bar. It’s all about the Deadly rave IMHO. I think Geese is powerfull in P if you can parry into the Deadly Rave.

His most powerfull groove maynot be P, it’s probably K. However if your really patient and you can keep the K Geese off you while he’s raged then you have a chance. P geese (when he has a bar) can always parry into Deadly rave.

Please dont’ make mistakes in the STRATEGY ZONE by posting wrong or bogus combos like many people have done. Just wasting time. If you post something, check it and make sure it’s correct.

Biggest Combos:

Blanka type characters: cross up Forward, s.short,s.short,c.short,c.forward, Deadly Rave, s.short,s.feirce, froward Jaiken(STUN)—>deep roundhouse,s.short,c.feirce,short Jaiken. 72 Stun=ToD

Sagat and tall Characters: super Jump 2 hit deep feirce, s.short, c.short, c.forward, Deadly Rave, s.short, s.feirce, forward Jaiken(STUN)—>Super jump 2 hit deep feirce, s.short, c.feirce, short Jaiken. 11,324=ToD

Post your EXPERT P-Groove strats here please, and please don’t waste space with material like “wow dude it’s SO stylish when I parry like 5 hits of the Super Psyco Crusher and then counter and everyone was like DAMN that guys a Ninja!!”



So no one has any l33t stratagies for me? You share one and I’ll share another.


If you do Geese’s standing Roundhouse and someone blocks, they cannot attack you back(level 3 Grabs maybe).

Same situation with his forward and feirce. These are very safe moves you can bait people with.


Well the raging storm is quite easy too pull off against anybody when you get the hang of it, I just do the hcb,hcb,df+p trick and almost never fail.But the parry into cr.mk->Deadly rave is quite awesome too do also.

As far as combo goes I just do the following

cross-up mk,cr.lp,cr.hp->jaiken

and when I have super I do the same thing except replace the jaiken whit the deadly rave.

For his fireball I only use the reppduken when far and I only use the double reppduken after a cr.mk .

His air fireball is really useful if you do reverse tiger knee+p because it comes out so low and lets you recover faster.

As for his pokes well standing hk and hp are is best and cause alot of dizzy and low jump hp is also excellent and cr.hk into reppduken is good for keeping the oppenent away.

Well thats all for now hope it helps


I’ll try to post something cool here when I think up something unique, but I just gotta say that I think that parrying 5/6 hits of the Super Psycho Crusher and then high countering is stylish… and “DAMN that guy really IS a ninja!!!” No, it isn’t a strat, but it’s something to do for fun, since there’s no point in parrying more than one hit except for the small amount of meter you’d get.

For now I’ll say I used to use P-Geese until I switched over to K. I did this because I had trouble using a techy enough Geese without run. So can someone suggest what type of play I should be using with P-Geese? I’m very interested in converting back to P-Groove.


P is for Paitence NOT parry. Don’t use wake up supers or parries or counters un less your 100% sure you can get it(i.e. Blanks electricty on wake up). Don’t be risky, be safe. Absolutly NEVER ever miss your super, Don’t ever throw it away. In P-Groove If you loose your super your dead.

I played in Japan for a month 1 month ago. Basically all they said to me was “Gamman Shinasai BAKA GAIJIN!!” or “Have patience you stupid forigner!!”

and no it’s not stylish and your not a NINJA if you parry into counters. It’s stylish if you win :slight_smile:


Winning adds to it, but parrying SPC makes the opponent feel like an ass, and it never hurts to ensure that you can still parry like your grandmother did when she played CvS2. Yeah, I definately… no, I DEFINATELY agree that P is for patience! That’s why in P I would almost never super without a set-up combo. Hell, that maintains it’s truth in any groove really. But yeah, untill I have something L337 to say I won’t waste space in this potentially great thread. Not too often anyways.


parrying into counters is NOT considered Patience.

Other than that your right.


Parrying into counters has nothing to do with patience. It has to do with the nostalgia behind playing with the same combat style as your grandma. I mean, when my grandma played CvS2, it was all about parry and counter. But now I agree that P is for patience. I don’t however, see how this is associated with parrying into counter vs. Buffalo. Sure, it isn’t a L337 strat, but sometimes you have to keep your grandmother in mind if you are to consider yourself a respectful person.


Once again you have managed to pump this shread FULL of bullshit.

Thank you


I play P-Geese, here’s some stuff that might help:

The reason to play P-Geese, is that, on paper your character is god. Why? Because he can counter EVERYTHING in the game almost, except command throws (correct me if I’m wrong here).

So basically, if you think about it, with enough skill P-Geese gets around everything. The counters themselves are…pretty good, but not GREAT. But the ability to counter normal and specials, and then to parry FBs means you can take care of +90% of attacks in the game.

Here’s situations:

Crouching wk: Geese low counter.

Standing RH: Geese medium counter.

Jump in: Geese High Counter.

Special Move that makes contact with Geese at all: High counter

Fireball: Parry that shit.

Joe Style Double Fireball: Double Parry that shit.

Fireball+Jump in: Parry that shit, then parry again or Cr. Fierce

This is powerfull in practice as well as in theory. Psychologically you’re thinking at the beginning of the match “without meter, I can counter/take care of anything he does, fuck this guy, I can stuff whatever he throws at me”.

Also I dunno how viable this is in practice, but I started doing it intentionally after after doing it a few times on accident helped me: When you want to counter a move…wait until the last second to do so. This means that you’re pressing forward on some hit frames. So if you don’t get your counter out, you’ll parry any standing or jump in attack anyways, which means you can stop trying to counter, and instead trip, super, combo, or whatever.

Also with P-Geese, since one of the easiest ways to land off a Deadly Rave is to hop>FP, you can hop and parry right before your FP comes out.

P-Geese is a BEAST. R2 P-Geese is my best, along with P-Rugal.

My baby sister wanted me to click on this face :bluu:


Dude, you’re acting like you’re hot shit.

Anyway, Geese is a simple character to use. He has free ways to get inside, free random super which is safe and has lots of invincibility frames, high stamina, a great simple anti-air, and an easy ass great crossup. He also does hella damage.

Geese in a nutshell:

To got inside, s. rh.
To crossup, j. forward, repeat if necessary.
To random super, Deadly Rave.
To anti-air everything, c. fierce.
To anti-air more than everything, jab Counter.
To guard crush, close s. short, s. fierce xx strong reppaken.
To meet someone in the air, sj. fierce.
To bait, s. rh.


I have a couple of questions on P-groove Geese, since I’ms tarting to use him now.

  1. How to I stop (claw) vegas who do that off-the-wall command grab when you are getting up? Obviously I can’t parry/counter that move. If you KNOW they are going for that move, what do you do when getting up? Even worse is if they randomly alternate between doing the grab, or the claw attack when jumping off the wall.

  2. Do geese’s counters have startup times?

Also, I guess this only applies to XBL, but on XBL you can do cross-up MK, standing FP into HCB+LK, then XX into raging storm. Takes off a nice chunk of life :slight_smile:



well you gotta look at what vega is doing then act accordingly. like jump back and do fp or something. Hard to say really though. Just case by case.

no startup on counters.

Yeah that shit works on xbox but live is really lame. For good players it just isn’t the same as arcade or console. Lag really deafeats the purpose of fighting games since their based on timing and accuracy.


Thanks lifetimeboy. I’ll try that out. Having no startup time opens up a lot of interesting ways to use his counter!

As for xbox live, you’re right in saying it’s a totally different beast from the arcade. But it’s online dammit :smiley: Just like starcraft! But there are a lot of things that can’t be done on live, like doing a short jump attack, seeing if it hits or not, and linking into a super if it hits. Also like sagat’s crouching fierce linked into super.

Anyways that’s my rant. Thanks.



Everyone probably knows this combo but since no one posted it:

jaiken (hcb+k)xxRS

Deadly rave is fancier and has better dizzy potential but RS does more damage.
and with the added lag factor, sometimes deadly rave can not be completed, which in turn, is a wasted super. and wasted super in P groove sucks due to the long process of building back the meter.

it seems P groove meter takes the longest to build up.

its probly easiest to do c. mk, short jaiken, RS.

most damaging is jump in, hp, mk jaiken, RS.


the hcb+kick doesn’t cancel into anything fool. this ain’t 3s. NOOB!


P-groove special cancels are only in the X-Box version of the game


Please, refrain from making yourself look dumb!

Know the game and its boundaries before commenting such a hateful reply in which makes you look foolish.


Hi, taelim77.

In contrast to anti-retard’s obnoxious and trolling post, I would like to present a different point of view.

This is what I think:

The hcb+kick does not cancel into anything, person who is foolish. This is not Third Strike. You are a newbie.

Thanks for listening, I hope I helped.