P groove iori



Is there any point at all? iori seems like he is required to be played on a sort of crazy level that requires running and GCs.

when messing around with him in p groove i noticed i could rekka x 3 into the maiden masher but not in the other grooves. I know this is kind of a scrubby question but why is this?


That’s because you’re on the X Box version which has super cancelling in P Groove. Its probably his worst groove, except maybe S…


Thats probably how it goes. Yeah, anyhow, you have Capcom Vs Snk 2 EO. Different from the rest.


i disagree with it being his worst groove. yea he gets no run and no roll but like any other character he’s pretty good in P. I truly believe that Iori can be played in any groove. P groove Iori is good because you can parry scum gale or parry upper cut. then you set up mind games with jumping in and parrying or empty jump scum gale or small jump crossover etc. Just my opinion. Not that it matters.


P groove is decent for Iori. Nothing too hot. If you can parry well then there is no reason not to use him in P. It gives him some mix ups from jump ins and fills some gaps that he has.


Personally I think P Iori is actually good, and could be compared to P Kyo. Parry into a bread and butter is a very damaging and scary thing to run into… Especially since his bread and butter is one of the easiest to pull off in this game.


I can’t really think of a worst groove for him. Prolly either P or C but he’s pretty damned good in any groove IMO. For P I would always be ready with s.strong for after ground parries. Form this basic terrorist combo with it; s.strong, twd.strong, qcb + fierce x 3.


Best grooves would prolly go like: N, C, A, P, K, S… After an anti air parry though I would go for something like C.LK, etc etc that way they do not fly across the screen. A ground parry could be followed up by that S.MP, etc etc…


My opinion -

N - without a doubt his best groove. Run, RCs, low jump.
A - he has RCs, loses run, but gets an easier way to use his meter.
C - relatively good level 2 super cancel, but harder to land than his CC.
K - he at least has run, which is much better for him than dash (he can easily retaliate an RC Blanka Ball).
S - same as for K.
P - you have no RCs, you have no Run, you have NO mobility. All you can do is try to parry into something, and if that’s what you’re trying to do, there are tons of characters that are MUCH better for that.


I’m in agreement, but wouldn’t you say that parry > RC? I mean, he has very damaging combo’s that are very simplistic. st jab standing fierce into rekka’s is equal to a level one super. You usually get a free combo off of a parry. This is why I would think P groove wouldn’t be his worst groove.


anyway you look at it he’s a good character. i could care less about best grooves for characters cuz i’m just trying to play the game for fun now. seems like people are getting to mad over games lately so i’m playing for fun till it calms down.



RCs mean you can go THROUGH things, in addition to the pokes that you can parry, you can go through fbs, supers, etc. and still tag the opponent while he is in recovery. Parry is okay at absolute point blank range, but it’s difficult for Iori to get at that range in P because he has extremely slow footspeed and no roll. Also, P gives no alpha counter option, so it makes it harder to avoid stuff like GC CCs.


Hi Trick!

As you can observe from the posts, people asked whether Iori would be good in P groove. Nowhere has anyone asked whether you’re playing for fun now or not or whether people were getting mad over games! But thanks for your input anyway, it was appreciated! Just not by us.


Sounds good. Thanks for not being a dick about it. And to get back on subject YES P Iori is good. Not the best but he’s good. My opinion. Don’t care what anybody else thinks.


Thanks again for your opinion