p groove or k groove?


which one is better

also when rcing, why does everyone say to return stick to neutral when you roll, i mean u dont need to be in neutral position too roll


k groove has proven itself to be more tournament viable, and i dunno what they’re talking about, you roll cancel by interupting the first three frames of a roll with a special or command move. there is no roll canceling in p or k groove


In theory P is better, however in practice K is definitely better overall.

-JD safer than Parry and requires a little less guessing in the end.
-Meter building/Meter bonuses immensely stronger than P
-Running imo gives a better follow up than a Dash especially in a Groove that can’t roll.

So unless you are a psychic god named Daigo, and don’t mind getting cheesed even easier by A Groove, use K. It still gets cheesed by A, but its still better than P when it does happen.


K-Groove is “easier” to win with.
If you’re a weaker K player (or just a weaker player overall) and you run into a good P-Player you will probably loose. This definitely happened.

There are a lot of factors involved when two high and even skilled players square off with P vs K.

For one JD is no more SAFE than Parry in the air. They ARE even there. However JD bounces you up and away, Parry you drive in forward. In essence deped
On the ground the SAFE technical aspect goes to JD, hands down.

Many people claim dash is better than run. This aspect seems to be a matter of preference as both techniques nail people with consistent smart pressure cracking their defenses. It also depends on the character’s you’re running—N-Iori vs C Iori. N-Guile vs C-Guile. It changes the dynamics of the matchup.

On the ground both grooves have low jump, that’s a plus vs C and A grooves because it is added consistent pressure overhead wise that can be and often is faster-hitting than built-in overheads given to some characters.

Tactical recovery is useful vs grooves that have timed meter depletion things going on, grooves such as S/K/N/A (with activation and missed custom). It could be risky because as you’re down longer it sets you up for ambiguous crossup stuff, but vs K groove P shines here you just tap either direction vs crossups if you’re lost.
Safe Fall is widely considered to be a risky thing to use as some characters can definitely punish this.

Stored meter. If you’re playing well enough you may get one two to three supers a bout, where K potentially gets 6-9. If you are of similar skill levels, that’s one super for each of your three characters as a P-Groover, potentially. As you have to attack to raise that meter the opponent’s life is going down as your meter goes up meaning once you’ve gotten it you now have it only you can make that meter go away. If your character’s supers are utilitarian enough, such as Kyo’s Orochinagi, you pretty much keep their moves on lock as if you were a raged K-Rock, without the time limit.
You don’t have to play the chase the rabbit game and land that raged lvl 3, you can play your game and edge your way forward for the win.
Stored meter gets its props from C-Groove characters such as Guile, Cammy, Sagat, Ken, etc. Difference is lvl 2 super cancels are more common place than P Groove lvl 3’s.
In spite of this, most people opt for the cancel to super, meaning the invincibility of the raged super was a moot point, if you’re driving forward to land a normal and cancel to super, this path leads to openings that can be countered. Of course if they’re being obvious enough with something Random Super your way through (or Roll Cancel)
Finally, not having as many supers, you’re sorta forced to cherish the one super you get per round. It forces you to fight with stronger fundamentals inherent to the character, not the meter related fundamentals of the groove. You develop stronger zoning abilities and skills that way, so like a surgeon you pick when and where exactly that super is used.

Both P and K grooves can fight against RC’s if they get in close and manage to pressure and mix it up. RC’s require as much precision as Parry n Just Defend, throwing normals at them with varying frame advantages WILL throw off their reversal timing, especially if you’re in their face.


This is typical from my usual answer but…

“Go with what you’re comfortable with.”


ty guys, i actually like all the grooves a lot so im just palyin around, no real scene in melbourne aus XD