P-groove Questions and Strats


Ive just started experimenting with P-groove today and i found parrying to suit my stlye of play very good. The problem i had with other grooves was that i tried to predict the characters action too too too too too much wich led to me getting my ass handed to me many times.
But P-groove fits my style of play very good know since i can predict the actions of any characters well know…
Well anyway on to the real subject if anybody has any good strats for using P-groove such as when or when not to just defend and when u put fear into your oponent of ur Parry ability how to take advantage of it…
So far the team i have decided on after 1 day of P-grooving is
Kyo (or Guile) Yamazaki and Sagat R2
Thanks to anybody who can help me out on this


Parry ONLY when you KNOW you can punish your opponent with a bnb or super. Right now I’m very dependent on parrying, and it really shows when I pick a groove outside of P/K.


or when you can just bait a super.

or when you need to gain a meter.

or instill fear.
:confused: :confused:

those are also good reasons to parry.


Best thing for P groove I find is pressure strings.
I always lay them down and find a timely parry can screw them over good.

Better to force them to make a move when you leave a big gap open in your pressure string then siot and wait for somethign to happen. Its way more predictable.


Do you mean like throw out moves that have deceptive recovery, to bait a counter attack that you can parry? If so, then yeah, thats an important thing too.


Yeah exactly.:slight_smile:


No one mentioned option select parries?

Wanna list some of these moves? I use P-Geese sometimes, and his far s.RH is good for this.


To be honest I’m not good at it myself. I have a friend who does that a lot with Terry. I think this is what he would do …

St Rh, option select crouching forward. If they retaliated low he’s parry their attack and link crouching forward into Buster Wolf.

The main reason why it can be so effective is if you know the opponent’s range. If they don’t have a low move thats long enough to reach you, then you only have to worry about parrying forward instead of down.


any characters exel in P groove more than others…if so who are they and why? ???


Geese, because he can store that Raging Storm Forever, same with Rock, Rock also gets to store his dreaded Shine Knuckle, waiting for the right time to Blow through your attack.

Camy, Blanka, Sagat are pretty good in P. Also I heard Vega is good for battery, but I cant confirm that with P.


This should really go in the P groove thread thats already around …

Vega is good in P because he can control the ground, just like Cammy and Sagat. Vega can’t do much damage off of a parry, but that doesn’t hurt him too much. Sagat just loses a lot of mobility in P, but still workable.


p kyo is GREAT!!:slight_smile: