P-Groove XBOX only

Reverse jump in with short, crouching fierce XX into 3 X QCB+Fierce; then before opponent hits the ground catch them with the maiden masher…18 hit combo that takes off mad damage!!!

Come on enough with this bullshit your trashing these boards posting this nonsense. This is why guys like Wraith Co. left.

Stop posting this shit please.

That’s what this part of the forums is for. It’s for strategy, etc. This combo works, I’ve done it.

the point is your an idiot. that combo is fucking basic. and you’re too much of a scrub to realize how much farther most people are in this game than you are. i have a combo video you should see. its called “sai-rec”. please AIM me so i can send it to you.

if you want a basic cheap super cancel combo why not just jump in hk, s.lp, s.fp, x3 rekka then maiden… instead of short

or use evil iori corner… jump in hk, s.lp, s.fp, 2x rekka, mp dp, land cancel maiden masher… it’s cheap and will make people drop on you since it’s worthless in any type of ply whatsoever


what are you talking about???