P-Hill Possible Console Tourney!

So because there is a huge lack of tourneys in norcal, im gonna possibly try and

throw a console tourney Right Here in Pleasant Hill, CA. I am already in the works for getting the venue set-up (

mostly likely the upstairs of fudruckers, which is almost the same size of the axis

tourney.) I just need to see if there is interest or not.

Possible games being played for tourney

Marvel vs capcom 2
Street fighter 3 : third strike
Tatsunoko vs capcom
street fighter HD remix
Street fighter 4( when it comes out)

Basically most the games that are being played at evo.

These will for sure be thrown on sunday’s and if they go well, there will definetely be more.

So please i just need to know if people will come, or if i am wasting my time. And any input will be greatly appreciated.

nima is high

thats one so far

Whoa, whoa, whoa …

Tourney at a Fudruckers? Sounds delicious. If this goes over well can I hold one at Chuck’E’Cheese? That way, not only would you get a tourney with your dinner, but a show as well!

What city are you thinking, anyway?

p-hill as in pleasant hill?

as p-hill as in pleasant hill, i will need to edit the first thread post, as to avoid confusion.

I’d come. :slight_smile:

Been awhile.

wheres pleasant hill?

cool, I’ll come if yall set it up :slight_smile:

I wanna go

upstairs buttfuckers is free, just gotta lettem know 1 week ahead. Farid is a bitch

sunday?..dayum man…i freakin work weekends.

people will go, nima. the same people that you play with every week. if you want to run a tourney just announce the date/time/location/games/rules so people know its serious.

edit: pick up your fucking phone, sometime. fucking shjoit hiead fuckfuck bitch.

I’m in it for HD Remix and DAT IV. I’d love to learn Tatsunoko with you guys one of these days for fun.

alright so, looks like this is a go. turns out i dont have to pay for the venue, so im gonna be announcing the first date in march. that gives people time to play sf4 and learn that shit.

More excuses to get fucked up and play 3rd Strike? Delightful.

Haunts and I were looking for a venue a few months ago. Just don’t let them know money will be exchanging hands, and keep entry fees on the DL, lest the owners get all uptight about shit.

Mo’ fo’s I talked to didn’t even allow Bingo. BINGO!! :mad:

hopefully the manager does not have a problem with that. I wont be charging a venue fee, just the tournament fee. After the next week i will announce the first date.

Im down! King kong aint got shit on me!! Ill bring the Pad Fury!!!