P/K groove Todo



Hi everyone.

Post any suggestions/tips/etc. to this thread about P/K groove todo.

I will contribute once someone posts…



To tell you the truth he is only really good in A,C,N but whatever your happy with is fine.


cool thanks.

Is he much more effective on A? since you can rc and cc with him.

which one is more preferrable with him though… for you that is… if you had to choose…? A,N, or C?

thanx for feedback.


For me it would definetly be A just activate get them in a corner jump then repeat qcf p then a little combo to dizzie them then your done!


P/K-Groove Todo isn’t too Shabby

For P -Groove, you have to know what is the best move to use after the Parry. If you parry an air attack, try to follow up with the C.HP, which lets you set a few scenarios for the opponent, where you either Hop and then Command Grab once he lands, Do a Kasane Ate so he’ll land on it etc. Up to you.

For a Ground Parry, it’s lucky too that you have the Command Grab, since it is great that it leads into his B and B.

BUT if you parried a Fast move (like a C.LK), then you’re better off doing a C.LK -> C.MK -> Light kasane Ate. But you may hop after that and attempt another Grab if you think he doesn’t suspect it.

It’s a nice thing too that he can keep his Power bar for the matches, since His CHo Kasane Ate Level 3 Goes Full screen, and has uses in a lot of Situations. If the opponent just waits in the corner trying to bait out the Level 3, then just zone and throw your own Heavy Kasane Ates and chip them.

K-Groove Todo plays almost similar, but his differences are

  1. Actually Todo has an extremely reliable AA in C.HP, but on the Occasion someone does a crossup or a wake up jump in on you, you can only JD. When you do, you almost always cannot respond with an attack, and can only JD the rest of it, however as usual, a Ground JD with slight lag can be punished with His C.LK->C.MK->LightKA. If you’re close enough, Command Grab of course.

  2. You cannot store the bar if you get raged right? Of course you do know about the Power increase and the fact that you will get raged a few times if you play it right. So with this in mind, attempt to get close to the opponent. Corner Turtling opponents will not really benefit much, since you have many options to confuse them, Kasane Ate, Fake a Light Punch, Baiting them to jump, roll anything. It is up to your proficiency to get in and Land the Command Grab -> Light Kasane Ate -> S.MP -> Light Kasane Ate. It’s quite a lot of Damage when you consider that you have been raged for 35% extra damage.


Oh geez, how did I even do that???
My bad, replace all the C.LK->C.MK->Kasane Ate with
C.LP -> C.MP -> Light Kasane Ate.


Oh and if anyone wonders why Bother Doing that Corner B&B when Raged, well, it does more damage than the Max special does alone, so it’s Very Very Worth learning yah.


When raged and in the open: Command Grab > c.FP > Cho Kasane Ate. It does a little over 9000 damage through a Ratio 2 given the corner is completely out of the question.