P-Ken strategies and tactics?

anyone have any tips on P-Ken? I find he’s fun to use… I’m mostly ground-based with him, setting up parries into pokes/specials/supers…

this is without meter…i’m still high-parry-based, which is my BIG FLAW…I have a bare-bones intuition on low-parry setups…:frowning:

  • mid-range: parry - f+roundhouse
  • mid-close: parry - short funky kick
  • close: parry- jap dp or c.roundhouse xx dp
  • air: parry - roundhouse airthrow

from afar, 2-3 short funky kicks to build meter (they’ll usually run/super-jump/dash at you…); my style’s a little turtle-based, egging them on to come at me…:confused:

anyone else got any good ideas and tips? :slight_smile:
I’m pretty scrubby-basic when it comes to play style…:o

i just walk or dash forward and dash back often…weaving in and out of the opponent’s normals range…
and yeah, parry bait, super is something I’m still working on…:o

I do something like dash, low jump roundhouse xx jab dp; (if whiffed), low parry xx jab dp or super.

I’m more passive-aggressive, I suppose, when I use him.

Funny that you bring it up cause I’m all about the P-ken right now. He seems very solid right now.

You can run away with hurricane

he builds meter

great dash

great walk speed

easy short short combos and mixups

AA parry, then s. fp or c. fp xx short hurricane or crossup is nice

kick throw does lots of damage

s. roundhouse is very good

short hop in in the corner and do FP(super) or empty jump low short into jab DP then super.

parry and shippu is big damage

slow jab fireball

2 frame DP’s

can do damage without a super

DOES LOADS of damage with a super

Can possibly escape sakura CC with hurricane which is airborn quickly, (hits after 2 frames)


After a shoryuken AA hit…try and crossup with:

j.huricane kick

I dunno i only play around with ken in P groove…but i realize that his crossup j.huricane kick is kinda confusing

Abuse his low jump middle cuz it seems to be really efective when you got yur opponent in the corner.

No offense but, P-groove sux, Parrying is for 3rd strike not CvS2

I’m sorry to say this man, but I dont’ know if P-groove Ken is such a good idea. I mean the whole idea of P-groove doesnt’ seam to be all that great. Parrying, lol, in this game? I’m sorry but this isnt’ Third Strike. It was a great concept for that game, but I’m not so sure about CvS2. It’s really more of a waste of effort than anything else. Why not just use K.

-It’s much safer
-You get life back for JD
-you have the ability to run(which I think is MUCH better than dash)
-safe fall(which is ALOT better than tactical recovery)
-a BIG damage and speed boost when your pissed(if they turtle while you have a super then own them, throw or do whatever you have to do, there gonna be too scared to attack much)
-you get supers faster and they do more damage

I’m also sorry to say this too, but the only Grooves ken are all that great on are C and A.:frowning:

C has damaging combos like corner lv.2 ShoryureppaXXlate huricane kick then lv.1 shinryuken.You can figure out your own links to that one. Plus you can do alot more with him on C than you ever could on P.

Lets not not forget A-groove Ken his CC is easy as hell, but at the same time really good. Activate CC then hold forward with H.k. Then you kick the shit out of your opponent while holding forward until your CC gauge gets really low, then you sweep and finish this very stylish combo off with a shinryuken.

Parrying in CvS is BAD. relying on it can get you owned. I’m a big fan of 3rd strike and I assume you are too. I love that game, but CvS is WAY different. If you want a slight defensive edge then just use K. JD isnt’ as good as parry, but it’s pretty close and dont’ play it just for that. Play it because it’s overall better than P. I dont’ mean to diss your groove, but I’m just tryin to give you the best advice I can. After all, that is what forums are for. Good luck!!! :slight_smile:

Hardly anyone plays P, so It can suprise people. It has it’s uses. Besides, do i really wanna be another A sakura/Blanka/Bison. I could just as easily have gone that way, I really don’t care about winning EVO(now), I just wanna have fun:)


Have you played a top level P-groover yet? If Makoto or some other Japanese was using P-Ken, would you still think he sucks? I think it’s ignorant of you to be knocking on other people’s characters just because you haven’t seen what they’re capable of or if you’ve had trouble playing that character yourself.

As far as I’m going to assume for now… LTB’s Ken > any random A-Scrub player who currently posts in this forum

Anybody wanna bet? :smiley:

I aint’ no scrub!!!

Whoa man. No need to be so harsh, I’m just posting from my own experiences and from what I’ve seen. I’ve seen videos of people getting owned by other players once they figure out how to battle P groove and hold back on predictable attacks. You also have no reason too believe I’m just another “random A-Scrub player” without playing me. I know there are alot of good P-groove players, I’ve seen the videos, but there are also very many good C,A,S,N, and K-groove players. I aint’ no scrub just because I play A-groove. I also play N and K. A-groove for scrubs, lol, since when?:rolleyes: It takes skill to play A too. I know P is hard to play and takes ALOT of skill to use and I give props to anyone who can play it. There are no scrubs on P, but there are some on A, but I aint’ one of them. So dont’ judge someone just because of the groove they play. I never said P-groove players suck, I just said that the groove is more effort than it’s worth.

Sorry, I guess I was a little too hasty with the reply button there. I didn’t mean to sound condescending or be making any assumptions. When I write “A-Scrub”, I’m refering the team people use (Sak, Bison, Blanka), not the player themselves. They could be nasty with any other characters for all I know. The only point I really wanted to make was not to understimate P-groovers that all. Just because C and A might be top tier grooves, doesn’t mean P isn’t dangerous as well.

I guess I can give it a try.

My bad for seeming so judgemental about P-groove. I see it’s power now. I guess I was wrong.:o I guess my reason for saying all that shit was because it just seems so complicating to me. P-groove seems hard. It’s way different from 3rd Strike. I’ll try it so I can get a good understanding of the groove. I’m a big fan of 3rd strike. Who knows, maybe P-groove might actually get me somewhere. What are some good teams? Could you make a good team using the characters I use (there in my signiture) I also use Hibiki and Yamazaki, how convenient I heard thats he’s good on P. I wanna see how far P can take me and it would help if I had a nice team to start out with. :smiley:

Thats the spirit that beat the Japanese, err umm yeah.


LTB’s p-cammy is awesome

Thank you.

I should be going back to Japan in Feb '05 for two months. IT’s gonna be great!!!

I’m to jealous sensei!!!

LTB’s P Ken is really solid…underestimated that motha hella…good job John!

I have to admit I thought playing Alex(ArcadeKid) was scary but after watching some vids you seem to be on that same level maybe higher…