P-Kyo and his dirty mixups



Ive gotten decent with p kyo. I always hear about all his up close mixups. I have a few myself but im not sure if im grasping the whole picture Some things i do after a sweep for example:

Low jump instant overhead on bigs.
Low jump short crossover into C. shortxxrekka’s
Empty low jump crossover into lowshortsxxrekkas
Walk up low short (blocked) tick into kick throw
Walk up low short (blocked) short jump instant overhead ( bigs only)
One thing i cant really get down is how to position myself after a sweep or rekka for a low jump d+hp crossover. I do the instant overhead all the time but i cant get the crossover to work.
Also one other thing, after the qcb hcf +P super. i can never seem to get the ground rekka to hit . No matter how early i let the super hit it just seems there always getting up as the ground hit comes out. Anyways lets list mixups in kinda the same manner i listed them, not in sentence format. Seems much easier to read to me that way.


Its not really worth it to go for the OTG chain after the super. If you go for it, make sure you do it after you use the super to either anti air or after the corner combo.

After a while you’ll build up a general level where you can tell whether you should go for the chain afterwards.

Never do low jump crossup short.


Maybe you can explain why i shouldnt do crossup short into whatever? Also what are some mixup options that im missing on my opponants wakeup? Your usually pretty good about not just posting an opinion, im intrested in hearing the reasoning behind this.


Here’s another one that people don’t know about:

After a kick throw, crossup with J.LK into whatever combo you want. I think it only works as a perfect crossup on Blanka though.


Unless you have perfect timing, crossup low short will be very difficult to combo off of. And if its not combo’d, its total dp/RC bait. With low jump crossup d HP, you get knockdown so you can mix it up. I have a hard time spacing the crossup myself, but its much more useful.

I think you covered most of his mix ups, the only thing you’re missing is counter hit stuff.

Walk up cr lk (pause) cr mp (counter hit) xx rekka chain.

Walk up cr lk (pause) option select cr lk (parry low, if not you get cr lk), xx double kick, then hcb+k to reset mindgame.


Can you tell me how to use the hp as a crossover? Do i take a step back or half a step or what? I have only gotten it to cross on like zangief and the like. Also is there any trick to the otg combo? Of course i only attempt it after the corner super combo, but i have only gotten it 2 times out of like 100. Im by no means a scrub i just cant seem to figure out the timing on this thing


Practice it after the roundhouse throw. I don’t have a copy of CvS2 on me so I can’t confirm anything, but I’m thinking a close cr lk would space enough for a low jump crossover d hp atttempt.

For the OTG, try getting qcf k, k into f+fierce xx OTG chain. In the super, try not to let them fall too much when you let go of the wave.


One thing I’ve been experimenting with is kick throw, empty small jump to the other side, d.LK, link close s.HK XX MK double kick, pain. You can see if it’s being blocked in time to stop yourself from doing the double kick.


If yur opponent is blocking low…will the s.RH hit? or will it hover over?


Close HK hits every ducking character in the game. Even Athena, who seems to be the only character Kyo’s far HK whiffs over.


Far st HK whiffs on a few people …



Awesome good shit man.


Well after some time practicing i can get the otg after the corner super combo pretty regular. What is still eluding me however is the hcfk,k into f+hp into otg. Is it just me or is the f+hp hard as shit to even get to come out and connect when there falling after the hcf kk. Umm is there a trick to it or what? Btw im using mp for the otg after the super, is that what everyone else uses too?


Use LP, it’s quicker.

EDIT: Same damage too.


First off, it’s just qcf+k, k. No need to do a hcf :slight_smile:

Second, I don’t know the reason behind this, but I could never do the combo until a friend told me that you have to use the medium kick qcf+k move. I have no idea why this is, but I could never do this combo until I used it.

After that, the timing for the f+hp isn’t too bad, just make sure you do the qcf+p a split second late. If you do the motion too quick you’ll cancel into a dp.

The last point to mention is to use the lp rekka. It has slightly less range, slightly less recovery, and slightly less damage, so it’s the one you want to use. If you do the mp rekka to start with then you will punch the ground too late.

So the whole combo is qcf+mk, k -> f+hpXXqcf+lp, hcb+p, p.


In the OTG rekka chain, the second and third hits do the same damage regardless of the button you use. The first hit does different damage (500 for LP vs 600 for MP), but that’s going to whiff in these juggle combos anyway.

In response to Gokou, Chun can’t duck Kyo’s far HK. Good call on Iori.


Far s.hk should whiff on a crouching Hibiki too because iirc she’s as small as Iori.


Nope, Hibiki gets hit.




Iori. Athena, and I think Maki are the only ones who can duck it.