P-linking 2 frame links?

Given that it’s a generally accepted fact that p-linking is better for 1 frame links and double tapping is better for 2 or more frame links, why have I read it’s strongly recommended to p-link the following for Akuma?

cr. lp > st. hp
cr. lp > cr. mp
cr. mp > st. hp
I know I’m expecting someone to say these are 1 frame links, but based on a detailed explanation from other very knowledgeable posters these are not 1 frame links but 2 frame links since shoryuken wiki and eventhubs add an extra startup frame to all moves.

That’s not generally accepted…

That thread explains why double-tapping is better for 2+ frame links. IMO, though, the mechanics of plinking are easier.

Because plinking is just a general suggestion… I doubt plinking those links was suggested for deeply technical reasons.

I plink my 1f and 2f combos just fine. (Vega player if that helps at all.)

I found that double tapping 2f links made them harder than just plinking and learning the timing