P Rugal

What makes him special? How should I use him in P?

no more crossups would be the best reason to use him in P.

outside of P groove…

c mp works pretty good on low jumps, on top of you jump ins, including some cross ups, but if it’s a really far back reaching cross up, just try waiting for them to go behind you before you do anything

P groove, low jump hks, and parry into c mk, grab or super, also, you can parry into genocide cutter or a combo to anti air (remember, they lose their sweep protection if they attack from the air, and parry recovery is instant, so it’s a free c mk)

of course, parrying to anti air is risky, so I’d stick with his normal anti airs

Prugal is good cuz he has good combos from a parry. His dash and low jump are nice too so go 4 it and never give up!