P-Town Sugoi

Now that we have a 3rd strike cabinet again we also need a thread.

Anyway, I’m gonna head down to tilt around 3 today to beat up on random benson fobs if they aren’t to afraid to fight me.

Ill be there some time next week when I get some money. wooh for 3s

I’m gonna head down to tilt around 3:30 today and I’ll stick around for a couple of hours

ill be up there maybbeee

Bring it, noob.

Everyone in Portland should play Chun Li.

Hah, most of them do. 2 of the top 4 players (IMO) play chun. The other 2 are low tier.

Everyone in Portland should play Chun Li, well.

I only play Makoto, though. Because of this one tourney years ago where I was fighting a Chun-Li, and she does SA-2, but I jumped forward and KO’d her right out of it with a forward somersault J.Fierce to the back of her head. That was so cool that I don’t think I’ve played as Chun-Li anytime since then.

lol why are you being gay navid?

the more characters you guys play, the more develped your overall game will be

Chun li? who’s that?

Dudley Drop for life :tup:

PSU has a weekly video game gathering every wednesday from 2 to 9:30 in the Smith building. If you go there find a schedule posted on the walls near stairs or in elevators. I think they are pink this term, maybe white… It should be listed as Megagamers. We usually play 3rd strike, cvs2, and guilty gear. This time there will probably be some SC3 but I’m sure that wont last long.

It might last awhile, at least longer than T5 did. Seems like it will have a lot more lasting appeal than the previous games.
Just to add to that, its open to everyone, obviously and we pretty much play anything everyone brings unless voted out via majority. We also have stuff there besides just fighting games, but who really cares about that, anyway?

Fuck Portland.

How long has the 3rd Strike machine been back?

better yet,

When is the first 3s tourament?

Better still, can we chain the thing to the floor this time, so it doesn’t get up and walk out again?

I was in Portland this last weekend, and I got to stop by Tilt on Saturday. I wish we had a cool arcade like that here. :sad:

I played an Alex player (my friend said he worked there) a few times, they were all pretty close matches, but he won more. I picked Makoto a few times and messed up karakusa, hp xx SA2 every time, rofl. The HP combo’d, but… ack. I messed up Oro’s chicken juggles, too, but I’m usually worse for my first few matches on a stick, but I got used to those pretty quick.

You should have told someone you were coming down. I would have come out and played you. Oh well, next time maybe.

I’m gonna head down to tilt around 4:30 today for some you know what :wink:


whens the next time someones going to play 3s jus post up