I’m starting to really like Yuri in P-Groove. Even though I’m not that great at parrying, she is one of the better characters to learn how to parry with, and she is quite effective in P-Groove.

Here’s some reasons why she is great in P Groove.

-After parrying, there are many things Yuri can do. Shes great at comboing after the parry, and many of her moves just look cool! You can do a medium punch and then a double Chou-Uppa after a parry for a 5 hit combo. I usually do this after I parry a low jump or a hurricane kick. Or, if you parry a poke or a fireball, if you have enough time you can do a slap attack if your too far to do anything else.

  • Yuri’s air grab is good. Yuri can parry in the air into an air grab.

  • Many of Yuri’s moves start with the forwards movement anyway, so they are easy to perform after a parry and you just may “luck parry” some moves.

-Yuri is short, so if a ducking parry misses, you still might duck the attack completely.

-Yuri builds meter quickly

-Yuri’s hop and low jump are good. Many of her attacks knock the opponent down too, so Yuri is effective at wakeup games and corpse hopping.

-Yuri is just plain CUTE! I love her taunt, and her slapping attacks are humiliating.

Although Yuri doesn’t do much damage and takes a lot of damage. She is still a good character. She just takes a lot of patience and strategy to win with.

Or you can just play P Sak and get the same results… but better! >_>;